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Weekly Pew Sheet - First Sunday after Trinity, 29th May 2016

160529 Pew Sheet

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FLOWER FESTIVAL - Absolutely Wonderful - Come and see!!

IMG 0196 rNotting Hill Carnival St Ippolyts Flower Festival 28th May 2016

The St Ippolyts Church Flower Festival is on for two more days. Come and see a splendid collection of flower arrangements depicted different days out. Then enjoy a cup of tea with delicious cake and maybe even buy some plants for your own garden. open from 11:00 to 17:00 Sunday 29th and Monday 30th May!

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CHANGES - A thought from the Revd Paul Lanham


On the weekend of 11th and 12th June we officially celebrate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.  There never seems to have been a time when she was not our sovereign, and she seems to have broken every royal record in the book.  Longest serving monarch - oldest reigning monarch - the most travelled monarch - the greatest and most loved monarch this (or any other) country has surely ever seen.  One of my earliest memories is watching her coronation on a small black and white television in a neighbour's house, the picture blurred and flickering.  It seemed to go on for ever and was thoroughly boring, so my friend and I spent much of the time chasing one another around the outside of the house with water pistols - to be exact bicycle pumps that could be filled with a satisfyingly large amount of water from the large square water butt placed conveniently by the back door.  I wasn't a very nice small boy and we both got rather wet.

Now I am writing this on a computer, something that was utterly unheard of in those days.  The rate of change in the 90 years that Her Majesty has graced this earth with her presence is greater even than the Industrial Revolution that we were taught about at school.  It has been a time of racial, social, sexual, national and industrial revolution unlikely to be equalled.  Amid it all there were the Sixties, an era when I was fortunate enough to be first at university then a young curate - a time of unprecedented religious liberation and revival.  Now I see examples of the first cars I drove in museums, and my six year old granddaughter is teaching me to operate things that I would never have dreamed existed when I was her age.  As we celebrate Her Majesty's 90th birthday we thank God for her,

for her dedication, her steadfastness, for the way that she represents all that is good in being British.  A rock in a time

of change.

Change can be a very frightening thing.  In the Church, in society, in our personal lives.  We may have experienced a huge amount of it personally. Yet God never changes and the message preached by our church never changes.  Perhaps the most sung and the most hackneyed hymn of all contains lines that we might remember at this time.  ‘Change and decay in all around I see;  In life, in death O Lord, abide with me.’  God never changes, his love never fails.  He is always there for us;  all we have to do is to reach out and know He is there.

                                                                                           Paul Lanham

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160528 Flower Festival Poster

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This week we welcome to our Benefice

St Ippolyts - Sunday 22nd May Trinity Sunday


09:30 CW Holy Communion - The Revd paul Lanham


Plus, Howell Davies for Evensong 18:30 


and at Great Wymondley Doug Richardson for Parish Praise at 11:00

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Weekly Pew Sheet - Pentecost, 15th May 2016

160515 Pew Sheet

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This week during our vacancy we welcome the following clergy

This week during our vacancy we welcome the following clergy


The Revd Paul Lanham 

The Revd Adrian Hinksman

Pauline Sadler (or Jean Boothby)

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Little Wymondley Church Garden Plant Sale, Saturday 14th May 11:00 to 14:00

There will be a sale of garden plants at Little Wymondley Church on Saturday 14th May from 11:00 and 14:00

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Weekly Pew Sheet, Seventh Sunday of Easter, 8th May 2016

160508 Pew Sheet

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BIBLE STUDY GROUP - 11th and 25th May

BIBLE STUDY GROUP The Bible Study group meets fortnightly on a Wednesday afternoon from 2.30pm. till approximately 3.30pm. at Oakhurst (behind Kingshott School) home of Margaret Edmonds. The group is affiliated to Community Bible Study International ( and they supply our studies. We are about to start looking at the Book of Job. Our next meetings are on 11th and 25th May. Refreshments are served after the meetings. New members would be most welcome so if you would like to join the group or would like more information please contact Margaret Edmonds (01462-452340) or Clare Larsen (01462-453541).
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GREAT WYMONDLEY FÊTE - Sunday 12th June Preparations are under way for the Fête on Sunday 12th June starting at 2.00pm. This date coincides with the final day of the Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations weekend and so the Fête will have a royal theme. Please note this date in your diaries and come along to the Fête to help raise much needed money to keep the church here in the village up and running. We are also in need of people to help on the day. A letter about the Fête will be coming round the village shortly. We are hoping to have a Fish and Chip Van coming to the Fête at about 7.00pm. when we have cleared everything away and if we have sold enough tickets. The Fish and Chips will be freshly cooked and tickets will be sold in advance. There will be more details in June Pax and in the letter. If you would like to help on the day please contact the churchwardens, Paul Harding at The Old Rectory (01438-729219) or Cherry Carter at 2 Church Green (01438-724919).
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ROGATION SUNDAY SERVICE - Sunday 8th May at Great Wymondley

ROGATION SUNDAY SERVICE - Sunday 8th May Don’t forget that the annual Rogation Sunday service will be held on 8th May (instead of 1st May) as this is the Sunday when Great Wymondley has a service. There will be a walk around the village to bless the crops, fields and gardens accompanied by Letchworth Morris who will dance at various places on the way. Refreshments will be served afterwards.

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ASCENSION DAY SERVICE - 07:30a.m. Thursday 5th May at Great Wymondley

ASCENSION DAY - Thursday 5th May

It is St. Mary’s Church Great Wymondley’s turn to hold the Benefice Ascension Day service at 7.30am. followed by a delicious breakfast in the churchyard if fine, or in the church if too cold or wet.  Come and join us for this special day, on what will hopefully be a fine spring morning, before you go off to work or get on with your day.  The Venerable Jonathan Smith will be taking this service.

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Community Lunch in St Ippolyts Parish hall- 4th May at 12:45


The next Community Lunches will be on Wednesdays 4th May and 1st June from 12.45pm. till 2.00pm. in St. Ippolyts Parish Hall.  (Serving time 12.45pm. till 1.00pm.)  Cost £3.  Everyone welcome.

                                                                                                  Jane Veasey

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KINDNESS - A thought from Pat Fry.


It's very good news that our new vicar, Reverend Ginni Dear, will be with us this summer.  That this is sooner than we dared to hope is thanks largely to the hard work and efficiency of our churchwardens who saw to it that the advertisement for a priest went into the Church Times promptly and got on quickly with preparing the Parish Profile, a document available to all applicants, setting out the needs and nature of the benefice.  In addition, churchwardens and PCC members have to shoulder extra duties during a vacancy, not the least being to find priests and lay ministers to take the services week by week, and to ensure that the pattern of church activities continues as usual.

We are fortunate also in being given ready help from beyond our parishes. Constantly looking out for us are our Rural Dean, Reverend Jane,  Archdeacon Jonathan and Bishop Michael and in addition we continue to benefit from the help given us by other clergy and by Readers who willingly take services for us.  We are grateful for all this kindness from people who already are or because of the vacancy, have become our friends.  Putting it another way, we acknowledge that we get by with a lot (not just a little) help from our friends.

Kindness, better known as love, is one of the seven virtues. Scholars tell us that by origin and moral standing the philosophical ones are Justice, Prudence, Temperance, and Fortitude.  The theological ones are Faith, Hope and Love.  Together these form the cardinal or chief virtues.

Kindness is an aspect of Love.  Charity and courtesy, kindness and compassion, also reside in Love.

                           Hilaire Belloc put it this way;

Of Courtesy  -  it is much less than courage of heart or holiness;

Yet in my walks it seems to me that the Grace of God is in Courtesy.

Whichever word - kindness, charity, courtesy, compassion - is used to describe it, the Grace of heavenly Love is perfectly recognisable.

Surely it is the gift from God which brings us closer to Him, and to one another.

      Pat Fry

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Weekly Pew Sheet, Sixth Sunday after Easter, 1st May 2016

160501 Pew Sheet

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North Herts DFAS Church Recorders present the archival record of St Ippolyts Church

Maureen Lane of the North Herts DFAS Church Recorders presented the archival record of St Ippolyts Church to Pam Skeggs during the 09:30 Holy Communion Service today, Sunday 24th April.

The Church recorders have been visiting the church over the past two years and have made a detailed record of all the furnishings, fittings, plaques etc within in our church. This has now been collated into a wonderful document and now serves as a permanent record of our furnishings etc within the church. Copies of this document will be sent to the Doicese at St Albans, The Church of England, the County archive and Historic England.

Although the recorders are all volunteers there was need for a sponsor to cover the additional costs and we are most grateful to Pam for providing this important sponsorship.

Maureen, who was introduced by our churchwarden, Michael Hooper, thanked all those in her team who had contributed to the document and those within our church who had added valuable information, these included, William and Ann Steel, Mrs Jean Andrews and the Revd Ann Pollington. Pam Skeggs responded that it was a privilage for us within the St Ippolyts Church community to have such a document and she thanked all recorders for all their efforts over the past two years. pam then passed on the bound document to the Churchwardens.

The document, although to be stored in the church safe, will always be available for viewing during special occasions and upon request to the the churchwardens.

IMG 0122 Record documentIMG 0123 Pam Skeggs and Maureen LaneIMG 0125 Jane Veasey Michael Hooper Pam Skeggs and Maureen LaneIMG 0127 The Recorders

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This week we welcome to our Benefice

This week we welcome to our Benefice the following who are supporting us during our vacancy -

The Revd Adrian Hinksman - St Ippolyts, 11:00 Wednesday 27th April CW Holy Communion 

The Revd Canon Tom Purchas - St Ippolyts 08:00 Sunday 1st May BCP Holy Communion

Howell Davies - St Ippolyts 09:30 1st May Parish Praise

The Revd Adrian Hinksman - Little Wymondley 09:30 1st May CW Holy Communion


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Weekly Pew Sheet, Fifth Sunday of Easter, 24th April 2016

160424 Pew Sheet

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Church Recorders (NADFAS) to present their recorded investigations

The Church Recorders (NADFAS) will present their recorded investigations to St Ippolyts Church during the 09:30 CW Holy Communion Service on Sunday 24th April.


Their document  that they will present to us will be a fascinating record of our church furnishings.

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