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A NEW LOOK? - A thought from Revd Ginni.

I’ve decided that I’m a ‘late bloomer’!!  Most people begin new healthy eating regimes or decide to do something about their fitness in the New Year but not takes a bit of sun and a few turns at puffing up and down The Vicarage garden with the lawnmower to persuade me that I really have to get to grips with myself! 

Part of my Lenten reflection was to take a good look at myself and my habits and see if the life I was living was in line with the one I felt that God wanted me to live and I came to the conclusion that God probably hadn’t intended for me to give myself stomach problems by eating the wrong food nor to waddle around in a manner more suited to someone 40 years older than I am.  This last point was brought home to me quite forcibly when I did indeed meet a lady 40 years older than me who was as nimble as a mountain goat and left me puffing in her wake!!

We all pick up bad habits during the course of our lives and a lot of the time, they don’t actually impact all that greatly on our day to day living, but it’s still a good discipline to occasionally take a step back and notice whether that is indeed the case or whether we are just kidding ourselves about the impact of our habits and using any old excuse to justify the lack of care and respect we have for ourselves.  We are, after all, built in the image of God, and who we are and what we do reflects who God is into the world around us.

I have definitely fallen short and have run out of excuses as to why I don’t take action.  So why am I telling you this?  Well, one of the crucial aspects of living a Christian life is accountability.  We can kid ourselves endlessly about the things we do well and the things we do badly, both physically and spiritually but, in reality, what we all need in order to grow and mature is someone to walk the journey of life with us.  Someone who will encourage us to reach our full potential, urging us on when the going gets tough and gently reminding us of our goals whilst also loving us when we falter or fall. 

As Christians, that is what we are supposed to do for one another.  If we hide our struggles, be they physical, emotional or spiritual, then we are effectively closing the door to a wealth of non-judgemental love, encouragement and support that is freely offered by our brothers and sisters in Christ.

So, my struggle with my physical well-being is holding me back from many things I could potentially be doing and now that the whole world (well, anyone who reads this magazine!) knows about it, I have no hiding place, I need to do something about it......and you lot can hold me accountable!!!

I’ve already begun to take action.  My health-freak of a daughter has taken charge of the cooking, forcing mountains of vegetables and fruit into my protesting mouth and curdling milk with her glare when I go within 40 paces of the biscuit tin!  My holiday in Devon last week involved tramping across Exmoor with the dogs, clambering over huge rocks and boulders, staggering down cliffs to the sea and crawling back up without complaint (ok, the only reason there was no complaint was that I had no breath left to utter a single sound!!).  I may have woken up this morning feeling like my legs and hips belong to someone else but it is a start and now that I am accountable to you lot, there’s hope that a new and improved model of your Vicar may just emerge!!

With love - Ginni

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Pew Sheet, Low Sunday, the First Sunday after Easter, the Second Sunday of Easter.

.170423 Pew Sheet

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Weekly Pew Sheet - Easter Day, 16th April 2017

.170416 Pew Sheet

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Easter Egg Hunt

There are 12 Easter eggs already hidden in each of our 3 churches for you to find. No chocolate yet, but each egg is numbered, has a clue inside and a mystery symbol painted on the outside. Having found one, note the details and, with the aid of the appropriate form (or forms ) at the back of the church, solve the puzzle and post the completed form (s) in the labelled box. Then reassemble the egg with its clue inside and replace where it had lain hidden. Finally wait until Easter Day tp discover whether you have won a prize!

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Weekly Pew Sheet, Palm Sunday, 9th April 2017

.170409 Pew Sheet

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APCM Election Results



Parish of  _________St Ippolyts_____________________________

Deanery of   ______Hitchin___________________________________

At the Annual Meeting of Parishioners and Annual Parochial Church Meeting of  the above parish held on (date) ____28th March 2017_______

The following were elected as Churchwardens:

Name  __Michael Hooper_

Name  _Jane Veasey_______

The following were elected as Lay Members of the Deanery Synod:

Name  __Michael Hooper_______

Name  ______________________________

Name  __Andrew Russell_______________

Name  ______________________________

Name  ______________________________

Name  ______________________________

Name  ______________________________

Name  ______________________________

The following were elected as Lay Members of the Parochial Church Council:

Name  __Howell Davies____________

Name  ______________________________

Name  __Shelagh Cox______________

Name  ______________________________

Name  __Roger Cox_________________

Name  ______________________________

Name  __Jenny Sheach______________

Name  ______________________________

Name  __Anne Steel_______________

Name  ______________________________

Name  __David Beach________________

Name  ______________________________

Name  __Jeff Phillips______________

Name  ______________________________

Name  ______________________________

Name  ______________________________

Name  ______________________________

Name  ______________________________

Name  _____________________________

Name  ______________________________

Name  ______________________________

Name  ______________________________

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Weekly Pew Sheet, 5th Sunday after Lent, 2nd April 2017

.170402 Pew Sheet

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Horses are rampant at St Ippolyts Church!

A newspaper article from October 1969 tells the story of horses and their long association with our church. The article was found by one of the members of the Jubilate Choir and he has allowed us to copy it so we can put it onto our website.

691003 Horse Blessing Service Newspaper Article 1 691003 Horse Blessing Service Newspaper Article 2

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A wonderful evening of entertainment from the Jubilate Choir

John Edwards and the Jubilate Choir treated 56 of us a wonderful evening of song last night in St Ippolyts Church. The concert, on the lighter side, featured the choir singing variety of songs ranging from English and American folk songs to Flanders and Swann and from Cole Porter to Gershwin.

It was truly a magical evening. 

A big thank you to John and the choir for all their hard work, GBP300 was raised for church funds.

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Easter Lilies


Donations towards the cost of Easter lilies can be placed in the envelopes provided

at the back of each of our three churches.  If you would like to make your donation in memory of a departed loved one please write their name on the envelope.  The envelopes should then be placed where indicated (arrangements are slightly different in each parish).  A list of all the names will be placed on the Altar and read out on Easter Day.

                                                                                                 Jane Veasey


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Services for Holy Week




7.00pm.                      Compline                     Little Wymondley


7.00pm.          Compline                                 Great Wymondley


7.00pm.          Compline                                 St. Ippolyts


NO SERVICE AT 11.00am.



7.00pm.          Holy Communion with

                               Washing of Feet                            St. Ippolyts

GOOD FRIDAY - 14th April

12 noon - 2.00pm.

Quiet space for private prayer and reflection                St. Ippolyts

2.00pm. - 3.00pm.    Liturgy of Good Friday           St. Ippolyts


EASTER EVE - Saturday 15th April

7.00pm.                      Easter Vigil                              Great Wymondley


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Easter Church Decorating

Easter Decorating

We will be decorating the church for Easter on Saturday 15th April from 9.30am.  All will be welcome to bring their flowers to arrange in the church and pre-arranged baskets are also welcome.  Coffee and Hot Cross Buns will be served.  Please don’t forget to remove your arrangements when the flowers have faded.

            Frances Williams, Carol Scott and Joan Pinkstone

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a message from Revd Ginni. Taking time out!


I must admit that I sometimes find it difficult to write these articles for PAX.  Clare, your ever patient and forgiving editor, gives me plenty of notice and yet still bites her tongue when I again fail to make the submission deadline.  The trouble is, I never know what to say.  I have to think ahead to what will be relevant by the time your magazine reaches you but my brain is still trying to cope with the things I forgot to do yesterday!! 

So, there I was early this morning, sitting at my dining table with fingers poised over the keyboard, and staring out into the garden desperately wracking my pre-coffee brain for inspiration.  The subject had to be Easter really, didn’t it?  Easter equals resurrection, new life......I had to find something remotely inspiring to say about new life.  As I watched the newly opened daffodils swaying in the sunshine and listened to the birds strike up their morning chorus, my thoughts started to form and I began to think of how, in moments like these when we actually stop and notice the world around us, we can find signs of new life, signs of renewal, every single day in our ordinary lives.  Even my dogs seemed to have picked up my reflective mood as they basked quietly on the lawn, their noses sniffing at the air around them. 

Our morning musings were short-lived however and we were catapulted forcibly back into the realities of everyday life by the arrival, at speed, of my slightly psychotic cat Milo.  Previously skulking undetected under a large bush, Milo launched himself across the lawn and up the large tree in the middle of the garden, hell-bent on extinguishing any sign of new life that may be tweeting within its branches.  Fortunately for the birds and unfortunately for the dogs, Milo isn’t known for his stealth-like qualities

and the next few seconds consisted of a flurry of fur and howls

as Milo leapt for a bird on a high branch, missed and fell unceremoniously onto the dog whereby he steadied himself by sinking his claws into Toby’s hind quarters!!  Something akin

to a Tom and Jerry cartoon ensued as the other two dogs also took flight and the four of them charged around the garden massacring daffodils as they went.

How quickly life can change.  And how much we can miss out on if we fail to appreciate what we have in the here and now and focus instead on what may or may not happen tomorrow.  Our lives are busy, full of things to do, deadlines to meet, challenges to overcome.  We often put aside the things that remind us of what it is that gives our life meaning, thinking

we will do that when we have more time but in doing so we miss out on so many wonderful moments and fail to live our lives as fully as God intended us to do.

This season of Lent gives us a chance to press the pause button.  As the church and our faith encourage us to refocus on the life, death and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, we also have before us the hope, the new life, that his resurrection on Easter Day offers for all who follow him.  A chance to begin again, to walk a new path, every time we seek God’s direction for our lives.

My prayer for all of us this Lent is that we will each take a few moments every day simply to live in the present, to stop and look around us and appreciate the world we live in and the life we live.  To remind ourselves of what is important

             and who it is we are called to be.

And as for me.....well, I seem to have had my time to pause this morning ......I’m off to rescue the dogs!!

                                                                                    With love - Ginni

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Easter Lilies, Easter Day 16th April

There are envelopes at the back of all three churches for donations towards the cost of Easter Lilies. If you wouild like to make a donation in memory of a departed loved one, then write their name on the envelope and place the envelope where indicated. At St Ippolyts Church this is in the wall safe adjacent to the South Porch door. A list of names will be placed on the altar and read out on Easter Day.

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Weekly Pew Sheet, 19th March 2017 - The Third Sunday in Lent.

.170319 Pew Sheet

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A concert by the Jubilate Choir on Thursday 30th March - not to be missed!!

The Jubilate Choir under its director John Edwards returns to St Ippolyts at 19:30 on Thursday 30th March for a concert, "On the Lighter Side" a collection of music including folk songs and songs from stage and screen.

Tickets at £6 from Mary Hooper (01462 457350) or Jane Veasey (01462 434254) to include wine and nibbles. The proceeds to St Ippolyts Church

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Weekly Pew Sheet, the second Sunday in Lent, Sunday 12th March 2017

.170312 Pew Sheet

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Letter from Australia, 50 yrs on!!

Dear St Ippolyts,

You may like to know that Alleyne & I (John), were married at St Ippolyts 50 years ago tomorrow the 4th, by the reverend Erik Quinn, we now live on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, having emigrated in 1969, we have three children, 7 grandchildren & 3 great's! We have very fond memories of our wedding there,


Very kind regards,


John & Alleyne Rock

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Weekly Pew Sheet, Sunday 5th March 2017, the first Sunday in Lent

.170305 Pew Sheet

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“The Annual Parishioners Meeting” (to elect churchwardens) and “The Annual Parochial Church Meeting of the Parish of St. Ippolyts” will be held in St. Ippolyts Church at 8.00pm. on Tuesday 28th March 2017.  Everyone is welcome to attend but only those on the St. Ippolyts Church Electoral Roll may vote at the second meeting.  The meeting

is the Church’s AGM and there will be a review of 2016 with reports from the churchwardens, our treasurer, and St. Ippolyts School, as well as the appointment of officers, sidesmen and independent financial examiners.  To make the evening ‘go with a flow’ there will be wine, soft drinks and nibbles available.

The Church Electoral Roll is closed 15 days before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and this means Monday 13th March.  Please check on the roll, which is in

a file at the rear of the church, to see that you are registered and your details are correct.  If you are not on the roll and wish to be, there are forms available at the back of church, which should then be handed to Nicolas Watson, our Electoral Roll Officer, or a Churchwarden.

We are looking for new members of our Parochial Church Council.  If you are interested in playing a key role in the future of our church please consider putting yourself forward for election, it is not a particularly onerous task!

        Michael Hooper

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