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The Bishop of St Albans' Harvest Appeal 2017

Details of the Bishops Harvest Appeal 2017 can be found in church.

170709 Bishop of St Albans Harvest Appeal 2017

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Weekly pew Sheet, the Fourth Sunday after Trinity, (Sea Sunday) 9th July 2017

.170709 Pew Sheet

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Weekly Pew Sheet, the Third Sunday after Trinity, 2nd June 2017

.170702 Pew Sheet

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Pet Blessing Service and Horse Blessing Service - 13th August 2017

A For all you animal lovers, this is a date not to be missed! 

There will be a Pet Blessing Service at 11.00am. on the Green at Great Wymondley and the whole Benefice is invited.  Bring your pet along to a short service during which we will give thanks for their loyal companionship and ask God to bless each one of them.  All creatures are welcome and well-behaved owners can join them too!!  Refreshments will be served afterwards.

Then at 3.30pm. at St. Ippolyts Church there will be our Annual Horse Blessing Service with a collection for Riding for the Disabled.  Come along with or without your horse - there will be tea and cake.....and carrots!!!

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY - Sunday 13th August

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St. Ippolyts Community Harvest Lunch

St. Ippolyts Community Harvest Lunch on Sunday 1st October at 1.45pm. in St. Ippolyts Parish Hall.  To be organised by Parish Councillors.

                                                                                                Pam Skeggs

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Community Lunch 5th July


The next Community Lunches will be on Wednesdays 5th July,

2nd August and 6th September from 12.45pm. till 2.00pm. in St. Ippolyts Parish Hall.  (Serving time 12.45pm. till 1.00pm.)  Cost £3.  Everyone welcome.

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Summer Escapades by Revd Ginni

I seem to have packed quite a lot in since last month’s letter in PAX.  A holiday, a birthday and a week-long conference alongside all the usual things that crop up in the Benefice.  It feels a bit like I’ve been in a whirlwind for the last few weeks and have finally been spat out in a heap by the roadside, dusty, slightly dishevelled and wondering what just happened!!!

Every year, my best friend Tracy and I take our disabled mums away for a bit of a break.  We always end up having a lot of fun, mainly at the expense of our mums if I’m honest, but as they keep on agreeing to come with us I can only assume that they are happy to be gluttons for punishment!!  Something about being with my mum brings out the child in me and Tracy and I entertain ourselves by doing the daftest of things.

This years’ escapade saw us take our mums to the beach.  They are both reliant on mobility scooters and tend to head off at full speed, two abreast, chatting endlessly and scattering oncoming pedestrians in their wake.  Tracy and I follow at a more leisurely pace some way behind, relishing the chance of a catch-up and a little relief from our mums who are making the most of having two captive ‘slaves’ at their beck and call!!

Keeping a distant eye on the ‘wheeled wonders’, we noticed that a large pile of sand had been washed up on the promenade.  I can only assume that my mother must have thought she was riding a dune buggy rather than a mobility scooter as she ploughed into it at full speed and looked rather startled to find herself well and truly ‘beached’, wheels spinning helplessly as she sat perched like a giant windmill adorning a sandcastle!

Any good daughter would have rushed to her aid but alas I was never ‘good’!  The sight was just too funny!  Tracy and I found ourselves convulsed with laughter and my mum’s efforts to attract our attention to her plight whilst trying not to yell like a fish wife only added to our hysteria and we laughed until our sides hurt.  We did eventually regain our composure enough to ‘unbeach’ my mum and I think she has just about forgiven me!!  It was a lovely holiday and good to spend some quality time with my mum.

Early June found me at the two-yearly Clergy Conference, something that all full-time clergy are required to attend.  It’s one of those things that we all groan about having to go to but once we get there, find that we thoroughly enjoy.

It was good to catch up with colleagues I haven’t seen for ages and to forge new links across the Diocese and there were workshops and seminars to ensure that our brains were kept busy.  The keynote speakers included Reverend David Wilkinson, Reverend David Runcorn and Reverend Lucy Winkett, all of whom engaged and challenged us in their seminars.  I’ve returned home full of ideas and enthusiasm and now all I have to do is find the time to put them into action!

By the time you read this, the summer holiday season will be about to begin and you’ll get a break from my waffling until September - and our lovely Editor Clare will have a month’s reprieve from the stress of chasing me for a contribution!  I hope you all have a fabulous summer and get to spend some time with those you love and I look forward to boring you with more of my exploits later in the year!

    With love Ginni

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Weekly Pew Sheet, The Second Sunday after Trinity, 25th June 2017

.170625 Pew Sheet

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Benefice PCCs away day.

Members of PCCs of St Ippolyts Church, St Mary's Little Wymondley and St Mary's Great Wymondley joined together for an away day with Revd Ginni. The purpose was to discuss the future of our churches and the development of Mission Action Plans for each of the Benefices.

A wide ranging discussion encompassed amongst other things the buildings and their potential, services including content and timings as well as the problems of attracting more children and younger people.

See the Gallery for more photos


IMG 0622

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Send a Cow coffee morning - Thankyou

Audrey Burr extends her thanks to all those who attended or supported her 'Send a Cow' Coffee morning. £350 was raised.

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Weekly Pew Sheet, the first Sunday after Trinity, 18th June 2017

.170618 Pew Sheet

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The prayer of Bishop Richard of Chichester (d1253) has remained with us since his death.

Thanks be to Thee, my Lord Jesus Christ
For all the benefits Thou hast given me,
For all the pains and insults Thou hast borne for me.

O most merciful Redeemer, friend and brother,
May I know Thee more clearly,
Love Thee more dearly,
Follow Thee more nearly

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Weekly Pew Sheet, Trinity Sunday, 11th June 2017

.170611 Pew Sheet

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Weekly Pew Sheet, Whit Sunday, the Day of Pentecost, 4th June 2017

.170604 Pew Sheet

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Send a Cow Coffee Morning- 9th June. Everyone Welcome.

.170609 Send a Cow coffee morning

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Weekly Pew Sheet, the Seventh Sunday of Easter, the Sunday after Ascension Day, 28th May 2017

.170528 Pew Sheet

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Tea Party at Maydencroft Manor

A big thank you to Bob and Frani Williams for hosting the 'Friends of St Ippolyts Church' Tea Party at their superb home of Maydencroft Manor on Wednesday 24th May. Over 50 people enjoyed the the spendid afternoon where we were all treated to a delicious array of cakes washed down by copious amounts of tea. The weather was extremely kind and, as well as tea and cake, we were able to buy handmade greeting cards from Pauline himks and Jo Cooper.

IMG 0604IMG 0605IMG 0606IMG 0607

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It would be lovely to see our Benefice represented at this special Beacon Event Celebration which marks the end of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.  This ten-day period of unified prayer encouraged all Christians to pray that more people may come to know Jesus.  It

has been running all around the world and has involved all denominations. The last day of the event will be marked on Pentecost Sunday, 4th June by this special service at St. Albans Cathedral at 6.30pm.

Do come and join in if you possibly can, it will be a great occasion!



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FRANCES (FRANKIE) MARJORIE EDMONDS - 14.5.1921 - 26.3.2017

FRANCES (FRANKIE) MARJORIE EDMONDS - 14.5.1921 - 26.3.2017

Some of you will have been at the beautiful memorial service on Tuesday 2nd May at which we celebrated the life of our dear friend Frankie Edmonds.  We were all asked to wear cheerful colours and it turned out to be a happy gathering of family and old friends.  There were lovely tributes paid to her by Tricia her daughter and our Vicar, The Reverend Ginni Dear.  Ginni said that she just wished she had known her in her heyday as they obviously shared a great sense of fun.

Frankie loved what she called ‘the old tunes’, Vera Lynn, songs from My Fair Lady and many others which she remembered well, particularly from her wartime service with the WAAF.  Some of these were sung in church at the end of the service and we all burst into applause!  She would have loved it.

I first met Frankie in 1958 when John and I came to live here soon after we were married.  I think it must have been at a party someone gave to welcome us to the village.  Frankie and Humphrey would certainly have been there. John died in 1982 and I shall never forget the kindness they showed me, quite a young widow, during that difficult time.  They were both a rock of strength for me, socially and practically and with my family and other local friends, they put me back on my feet.

Frankie was a wonderful friend and support to so many people and although having no grandchildren of her own, never failed to show her interest in all our families. She loved young people and everyone I know enjoyed being in her company, she was indeed such fun.

Frankie never lost her spirit even after her dear Humphrey died and during her last few difficult months.  She left us, peacefully and quietly in her own home, and will be sorely missed by all who knew her.  It is good to know that after such a long and full life she will be safely reunited with her beloved Humphrey.

May they rest together in peace.

                                                                          Mary Blaksley


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Following on from my letter in last month’s PAX, I feel an update is in order!

First of all, a huge thank you to you all for your positive and encouraging comments following my admission that I need to address my health and fitness issues and especially to those of you who said that you would pray

for me - I was very touched that you would do that for me - and, yes, even vicars need prayer too!!

The ‘new regime’ has got off to a slow start owing to some pre-arranged holiday and a week long, fully-catered conference I had to attend - I was careful not to over-indulge too much but a ‘full English’ is hard to resist!  I am a few pounds lighter than last month but my legs and hips still feel like they belong to someone else (possibly an aging arthritic duck!).  However, the holidays are over and it’s full speed ahead with the healthy eating under the watchful and slightly sadistic eye of my eldest daughter!  It’s not going to be a quick fix but, with your continued prayers and encouragement, I’m hopeful I’ll get there eventually.

Watch this space!!                                                                          Ginni

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