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Community Lunch, 6th July 2016

IMG 0120 1IMG 0123IMG 0125IMG 0130 1IMG 0134 1

Over 40 people attended an excellent lunch provided by Ann Steel and her band of helpers


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"Make a Joyful Noise" - the Jubilate Choir, Thursday 21st July at St Ippolyts

 Make a Joyful Noise with the "Jubilate" Choir - John Edwards will give a talk on the development of English Church Anthems illustrated by examples sung by the Jubilate Choir, Tickets £6 from Mary Hooper, Jane Veasey or Anne Steel Tickets include wine and nibbles after the talk and concert. More details in the July / August PAX

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Installation, Induction and Licensing of our new Vicar, the Revd 'Ginni' Dear, 11th July

The Revd Ginni Dear will be installed as our new vicar on Monday 11th July at 07:30p.m. Everone is welcome to this very special service led by the Bishop of Hertford, the Rt Revd Dr Michael Beasley, and the Rural Dean, the Revd Dr Jane Mainwaring.


Do come along and support Ginni at this very important time.

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Weekly Pew Sheet, the Sixth Sunday after Trinity, 3rd July 2016

160703 Pew Sheet

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This week we welcome to our Benefice

This week we welcome to St Ippolyts Church

The Revd Melanie Crowley

The Revd Adrian Hinksman

Howell Davies

Gena Edwards


Thankyou to everyone for helping us during our vacancy!

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Kestrels successfully nest in St Ippolyts Church tower "again"!

As of today 3rd July 2016 our resident breeding kestrels have succesfully fledged two yougsters with two more still in the nest. These remaining two appear to be robust and should fledge this week.


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This week we welcome to our Benefice

Helping us out during this week we welcome 

The Revd Adrian Hinksman

The Revd Melanie Crowley

Patrick Hannon


Thank you for your support during our vacancy

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Weekly pew Sheet - The Fifth Sunday after Trinity, 26th June 2016

160626 Pew Sheet

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This week we welcome to our Benefice

This week we welcome to our Benefice supporting us during our vacancy


The Revd Melanie Crowley

The Revd Paul Lanham


Thank you both for all your support.

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Weekly Pew Sheet, the Fourth Sunday after Trinity, 19th June 2016.

160619 Pew Sheet

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"Send a Cow" Coffee Morning, Friday 17th June 10:30 - 12:30.

"Send a Cow" Coffee Morning & Plant Sale at Audrey and John Burr's house, 15 Grange Close Hitchin, from 10:30 until 12:30.



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This week we welcome to our Benefice the following clergy

This week we welcome to our Benefice the following clergy who are helping us during our vacancy

The Revd Adrian Hinksman

The Revd Dr Jane Mainwaring

The Ven Jonathan Smith, Archdeacon of St Albans

Pauline Sadler

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Weekly Pew Sheet, the Third Sunday after Trinity, 12th June 2016

160612 Pew Sheet

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Community Lunch 1st June

A wonderful community lunch was enjoyed by about 40 members of our community. A big thank you to all the ladies and Roger Cox for providing an exotic combination of Spanish Pork and fruit sponge.


Se our gallery for all the photos

IMG 0090 Community Lunch 1st June 2016

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Weekly Pew Sheet - The Second Sunday after Trinity, 5th June 2016

160605 Pew Sheet

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A Successful Flower Festival


IMG 0208 rRoyal Ascot  St Ippolyts Flower Festival 28th May 2016

The Whitsun Bank holiday saw an absolutely splendid flower festival at St Ippolyts Church, everyone that came along agreed that it was superb and well worth the visit. Our 2016 St Ippolyts Church Flower Festival was based on the theme of a ‘Grand Day Out ‘ and there were displays depicting such events as a visit to the theatre, a day out at Royal Ascot, a day out at the test match and one display even depicted a trip to the moon! Now that would be a really Grand Day Out! Whatever the subject every floral display was truly wonderful and the variety added spark to the event.

The weather was kind to us even though Sunday and Monday mornings were a bit chilly. Nonetheless what with entrance takings, sales of teas and cakes, a grand raffle (won by Alison Dines!), sales of plants and books, and generous donations the church benefited from a grand total of £2460. Thank you to everyone who turned up to support us and to make all the hard work so worthwhile.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help out over the weekend by manning stalls, baking cakes, erecting marquees, mowing and strimming the churchyard etc., but most of all we must thank all the ladies who not only made the lovely floral arrangements but generously provided their own flowers.  There must, however, be very special mention of all the work carried out by Mary Hooper who not only masterminded and managed the whole event, but also found the time to create at least seven of the wonderful arrangements.

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This week we welcome to our Benefice

The Revd Dr Jane Mainwaring

Pauline Sadler

The Revd Andy Thomas

The Revd Jane Fox

Thank you to all of them for helping us during our vacancy

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Weekly Pew Sheet - First Sunday after Trinity, 29th May 2016

160529 Pew Sheet

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FLOWER FESTIVAL - Absolutely Wonderful - Come and see!!

IMG 0196 rNotting Hill Carnival St Ippolyts Flower Festival 28th May 2016

The St Ippolyts Church Flower Festival is on for two more days. Come and see a splendid collection of flower arrangements depicted different days out. Then enjoy a cup of tea with delicious cake and maybe even buy some plants for your own garden. open from 11:00 to 17:00 Sunday 29th and Monday 30th May!

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CHANGES - A thought from the Revd Paul Lanham


On the weekend of 11th and 12th June we officially celebrate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.  There never seems to have been a time when she was not our sovereign, and she seems to have broken every royal record in the book.  Longest serving monarch - oldest reigning monarch - the most travelled monarch - the greatest and most loved monarch this (or any other) country has surely ever seen.  One of my earliest memories is watching her coronation on a small black and white television in a neighbour's house, the picture blurred and flickering.  It seemed to go on for ever and was thoroughly boring, so my friend and I spent much of the time chasing one another around the outside of the house with water pistols - to be exact bicycle pumps that could be filled with a satisfyingly large amount of water from the large square water butt placed conveniently by the back door.  I wasn't a very nice small boy and we both got rather wet.

Now I am writing this on a computer, something that was utterly unheard of in those days.  The rate of change in the 90 years that Her Majesty has graced this earth with her presence is greater even than the Industrial Revolution that we were taught about at school.  It has been a time of racial, social, sexual, national and industrial revolution unlikely to be equalled.  Amid it all there were the Sixties, an era when I was fortunate enough to be first at university then a young curate - a time of unprecedented religious liberation and revival.  Now I see examples of the first cars I drove in museums, and my six year old granddaughter is teaching me to operate things that I would never have dreamed existed when I was her age.  As we celebrate Her Majesty's 90th birthday we thank God for her,

for her dedication, her steadfastness, for the way that she represents all that is good in being British.  A rock in a time

of change.

Change can be a very frightening thing.  In the Church, in society, in our personal lives.  We may have experienced a huge amount of it personally. Yet God never changes and the message preached by our church never changes.  Perhaps the most sung and the most hackneyed hymn of all contains lines that we might remember at this time.  ‘Change and decay in all around I see;  In life, in death O Lord, abide with me.’  God never changes, his love never fails.  He is always there for us;  all we have to do is to reach out and know He is there.

                                                                                           Paul Lanham

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