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Well What d'ya know?

This was a question I was asked every week by dear old John when I worked on a fuchsia nursery. John had been the foreman there for years and knew all there was about growing fuchsias, and how the nursery ran, and after his retirement I took his job, but he still came in once a week, and his ‘Good Morning’ to me was always ‘Well, what d’ya know?’, of course he really knew the answer – not a lot, as I was forever discovering some of his knowledge day by day as I worked there.

This month St Ippolyts Church and St Mary’s Church Great Wymondley will give you the opportunity to have a look at that question, ‘Well what d’ya know’, about the church, about God and about some of our ancestors here in our villages that went off to war 100 years ago.

On 21st and 22nd June from 11am -4pm we will be holding a Discovery Weekend, when we will have old registers on display dating from before the beginning of World War One, we are hoping to discover the baptism records of the men who died in WW1. Also we shall be displaying the many vestments worn by Revd Ann and fellow priests in the church, and the silver and brass will be on display with explanations to help you answer ‘Well what d’ya know?’.

Also at St Ippolyts we will be asking everyone who comes into the Discovery Day exhibition to add a stitch to our new St Ippolyts Church banner, so come along and discover for yourself the wonderful design by Victoria Webster, showing the cherry blossoms, the horses and our saint Hippolytus and the church.

At St Mary’s Little Wymondley the church will be open especially on Sunday 22nd in the afternoon for ‘Tea and Tours’. Refreshments will be available with members of the church who will willingly show you round our dear church and tell something of its history.

The churches in our Benefice are always open every day for you to come in. Our Discovery Weekend may be just the opportunity you have waited for to help answer that question from dear old John.

I hope to see you there.

Confirmation – Confirmation ‘classes’ or ‘groups’ are a way of learning more about the Christian Faith. The service of Confirmation is when you confirm with your own mouth the promises made on your behalf by your Godparents at your Christening . It is never too late to be Christened or Confirmed, so if you are thinking ‘I’d like to know more’ then please contact Revd Ann 0146245752 and together we will explore the question ‘Well,what d’ya know’, not about fuchsias or nurseries this time, but about Jesus. For it is Jesus to whom we are Christ-likened when we are Christened, and it is Jesus who gives us an example to follow so we can grow into good Christian folk. Together we can discover many things about God, ourselves and our world and our church.

Have fun discovering much in June

Revd Ann

Christian Aid Week 11th - 17th May 2014