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The Parish Magazine for the Benefice of St. Ippolyts with Great and Little Wymondley



The Reverend Ginni Dear, The Vicarage, Stevenage Road, St. Ippolyts SG4 7PE 01462-237032 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


St. Ippolyts

Michael Hooper, Hillrise, Stevenage Road, St. Ippolyts SG4 7PE 01462-457350

Jane Veasey, Gosmore Cross, Newlands Lane, Gosmore SG4 9BD 01462-434254

Great Wymondley

Cherry Carter, 2 Church Green, Great Wymondley SG4 7HA 01438-724919

Little Wymondley

Mike Allardyce, 81 Whitney Drive, Stevenage SG1 4BL 07967-831968

David Palmer, 198 Cleveland Way, Great Ashby, SG1 6BY 01438-367912 Visit our website -






8.00am. Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer) St. Ippolyts

9.15am. Holy Communion (Common Worship) Great Wymondley


10.30am. Act of Remembrance St Ippolyts

10.45am. Act of Remembrance Great Wymondley

12.30pm. Act of Remembrance Little Wymondley


9.15am. Holy Communion (Common Worship) Little Wymondley


9.15am. Holy Communion (Common Worship) St. Ippolyts


9.15am. Holy Communion (Common Worship) To be confirmed (See St. Ippolyts Website or Facebook)

All 9.15am. services are also live-streamed to Facebook.

Monday - Thursday - live on Facebook Morning Prayer at 9.00am. Evening Prayer at 6.00pm.


7.00pm. All Souls Day Service (ticket only) St. Ippolyts 





The next Council Meeting will take place on Monday 30th November starting at 7.45pm. It will be the last one for this year. Information on how to join the meeting is given on the agenda, which is available approximately 5 working days before the meeting on the Parish Council page of the Parish Council's website Sharon Long Clerk to Wymondley Parish Council Phone: 07733-853263 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Thank you to all of you who have been involved with this year’s appeal. At the time of writing we have already received some completed shoeboxes which will be forwarded to Link to Hope. Thank you to those who have already completed boxes, to those who are currently working on one and to those of you who may have donated items or money directly to the charity. Just a reminder that this year, if you are doing a shoebox that you would like us to return for you, we will need it to be back with Christine and Arthur Sibun (tel. 01462-459145) by Monday 2nd November at the very latest in order to get it to the centre in time. (If getting it to us is a problem, just give us a ring in good time and we will try and collect it from you, if that would help). Despite these very strange times in which we find ourselves, it is so good that we are still able to help others in such a practical way. Thank you all. Arthur Sibun .




We have always kept dogs, having eight at one time but slowly reducing to a more manageable one. We try to help rescue dogs now and our last dear lady left us over a year ago. We felt ready to start again just as lockdown was introduced, so our search was a difficult one, but at last we found an ideal candidate and set off early one morning, a three hour trip to Stoke on Trent to a rescue kennel. Within an hour we were happy with our choice and back down the M6 to bring her to a new home. It is always a difficult time the first few months, you are never sure what the dog’s history is and what they are used too, so we were both prepared to dedicate time and patience to settling her in, but we never imagined what a task it was going to be. Within twenty four hours of having her we were rushing her to the vets; she was very poorly and the first week she spent more time in veterinary hospital than she did with us. Poor dog didn’t know where she was, and we have had to be patient in winning her trust and love, but I’m pleased to say we are on the right track now. She has turned out to be quite a character and she goes by the name of Lola (a Rottweiler). She has taken over the best settee, loves getting out in the garden and has discovered the mole. She frantically digs enormous holes in hot pursuit, to no avail, but it keeps her amused. We go out for some lovely walks every day, and I give thanks to the Lord for letting us find her. I don’t think she has ever seen a squirrel or a deer before, the first time she spotted one I came the closest I have ever been to becoming airborne, so now I have learnt to be ready to apply the brakes. She has an amazing tail, when she is happy it is up and over her back, like a flag, a good sign and it helps us find her in the garden. Last month we took her to church. She soon made friends with everyone, especially the church warden who had a pocketful of dog treats. Reverend Ginni gave her a blessing, so she is well and truly part of the family now and we love her dearly. Rosemary Stratton




Autumn is here although we don't seem to have had very much of that Indian Summer which is always such a treat. The trees are beginning to glow with autumnal colours and squirrels are everywhere storing nuts for the winter. The hedgerows are laden with hips and haws. Will this be a sign that the winter will be harsh? There are so many gardening jobs to do before the weather gets really cold. Pots to get put away in the greenhouse, baskets and containers to plant up with winter bedding and bulbs to plant. Apples and quinces are picked and quince jam and jelly are made.

201101 GW 1


The Garden Working Weekend went really well with a great many helpers throughout the day clearing the ground that Digger Dave was working on with his machine dragging out dead undergrowth and brambles. Wood chip paths were laid, vegetable and flowering plants set and wooden seats constructed.

201101 GW2


A few evenings ago I was locking up the church at twilight and as it was a fairly warm evening the Churchyard had dozens of our bats swooping around the building.

There must have been insects out in the warm air for them to hunt. We have, according to the Bat Survey we had done when the tower was restored, three kinds of bats, Pipistrelle, Long Eared and a third that they were not sure of. They are roosting above the purlin in the nave and rearing their young. I like bats though they do make a mess on surfaces in the church and the floor is often littered with butterfly wings which they leave after eating the bodies. We see a lot of them in the summer in the churchyard, over The Green and in our gardens. I was surprised though to see them so late in the year. The strange thing was that I could not see in the gloaming exactly where they were flying back in to the church. They seemed to fly into the wall, window or west door and vanish. It was rather like Platform 9¾ at King's Cross when Harry was going to Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter books. I know there are gaps around the doors and broken glass in some of the windows as well as the louvres and slit windows in the tower but flying into stone walls and solid doors was most uncanny. I put the key in the inner door one morning to unlock the door and managed to push a Pipistrelle bat out of the keyhole the other side and on to the floor. It did not seem hurt so I picked it up with a gardening glove that was in my pocket and put it on the seat in the porch in a dark corner half under an empty flower pot to recover. I went back a few hours later and it had gone so it must have been all right.


Now is almost the time to make Sloe Gin. Sloes are the fruit of Blackthorn and distinguishable from bullace or wild plum by the thorns. They are best after they have been frosted or you can freeze them for 24 hours and then use. The frost helps break down the skin.


450g. sloe berries

450g. caster sugar

70cl. gin (a cheap bottle is fine) A large jar sterilised.

I use a kilner jar. Wash and prick the sloes all over with a darning needle or a cocktail stick. Add the sloes, sugar and gin to the jar and seal. Turn the jar every day for the first week or so to dissolve the sugar and colour the gin evenly. Keep for at least 3 months. When it is ready strain through muslin in a sieve then pour into a clean sealable bottle.

I make damson gin as well which is really delicious. Both are excellent for sore throats, coughs and colds.


Plans are being made for celebrating Advent and Christmas in the village.   

Sunday 8th November

There will be a short Act of Remembrance at the Lychgate starting at 10.45am. There will be a collection split between The British Legion Poppy Appeal and St. Mary's Church.

Wednesday 11th November

There will be a short Act of Remembrance at the Lychgate starting at 10.45am. There will be a collection for The British Legion Poppy Appeal. Cherry Carter





In this pandemic climate, we get daily updates on how the Coronavirus is affecting our world, our country and our location and how we need to observe certain guidelines in order to help prevent the spread of the virus. As I listened to one of the broadcasts by the PM and his team the words which I kept hearing were 'if everyone complies' and 'if we do this together'. When we were in the midst of a world war the country felt united in the purpose of winning the war as we were exhorted to work together with a united effort. This is surely as important as ever and winning the war against Covid is a 'together' issue and requires a united effort. I was reminded recently of Admiral Nelson's words before the battle of Trafalgar in October 1805: 'England expects that every man will do his duty'.

In this present isolated world, 'together' is a lovely word. There are still things we can do together, like prayer for example. When the Church was born we read in Acts that 'they were all together in one place.......' and all the believers were one in heart and mind and the Church grew and miracles happened. It is always exciting to read the Book of Acts and the series we have had on Sundays on 'The Holy Spirit’ has indeed been a great blessing and we thank our preachers for bringing us God's word on Zoom. There are still two Sundays left in November to complete the series on the 1st and the 22nd to which we look forward.

We have been very thankful for Zoom and just a reminder of how to use the link - Dial in at 10.30am. for a 10.45am. start on 0131-460-1196 or 0203-051-2874. Use the linkhttps// or download the zoom app. and join using meeting ID 8675752648. Any problems phone 07531-08162.

On the first Tuesday we meet for 'coffee and chat' with Will and Lynne Andrews and the next one will be on Tuesday 3rd November from 10.30am. Contact Will for link details on 01438-228232.

On Tuesday evenings we pray 'together' from our homes at 7.30pm. without zoom. So please join us from your home as we pray for our community, our families, and the country and the government, the Covid situation and for all who are suffering from illness, bereavement or extreme poverty. We pray for our Queen and her family and for all those things you wish to bring to God. On Wednesdays at 7.30pm. we have a chance to dial in to zoom again to join 'Christianity Explored' which explores the best news you could ever hear from Mark's Gospel. Zoom on the link as above for the Sunday Service.

Sundays in November:

1st    Dr. Barry Funnell 8th Doug Richardson (Remembrance Service)

15th  Will Andrews (Good News)

22nd Margaret Edmonds 2

9th   Sir Les Ebdon (Advent). He is coming ! "Come, let us bow down in worship. Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker; for He is our God and we are the people of His pasture, the flock under His care." Psalm 95: 6,7. Marjorie McCarley (01438-727050).




In the coming year we are very keen to keep floodlighting the church, so it shines out in the village. The LED floodlights that are installed give an exceptionally good light with a greater consistency of colour. So, we would like to continue the lighting sponsorship that so many people have done over the past years. The cost is still £15 per week and we have 52 weeks to fill. You may sponsor as many weeks as you like. You may wish this to be in memory of a loved one, to celebrate a birthday, a wedding or anniversary, etc. With the church only being open for services the usual process will be difficult to do. I therefore plan to keep the list at home, but if there is a service and we are present, we will take the board to church. Cheques please, if possible, made payable to ‘St. Ippolyts Church’, as it makes it easier to track who has paid. If you wish, you can book weeks as Anonymous. I can be contacted on 01462-432445, at 6 Ransom Close, Hitchin (please call us if you plan to visit) or at ‘This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.’. Below is a 2021 calendar with the week-numbers on the left-hand side. Here’s hoping that we can fill the list up quickly. Thank you very much for your support. Roger Cox




Very many thanks to the small number of boxholders who continue their generous support of The Children’s Society by contributing to a home box. The total amount donated this year was £184.50. Well done to you all! Diane Blundell




The next meeting which takes place on Monday 16th November at 7.30pm. will be on Zoom. Copies of the Agenda and Approved Minutes are displayed in the council notice boards and on the website: There is always an Agenda item for Public Participation where residents can ask questions and raise issues. Please contact clerk on 01462-421409 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your questions if you would like to join this meeting. Pam Skeggs




We have welcomed some more user groups back and two new groups. For enquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website or Facebook page. Pam Skeggs




The Hitchin Society was founded in 1962 by local residents concerned about the loss of fine, historic buildings in Hitchin. In 2000, a Civic Award scheme started and in 2004 it became the local organiser of Heritage Open Days, a highly successful, Europe-wide scheme. In 2002, the Society became a Registered Charity, with the defined area of benefit Hitchin, and the neighbouring civil parishes of Ickleford and St. Ippolyts. The fiftieth anniversary of the Society was marked in 2012 by the presentation of a bench to the town that is situated on the grass near the river, a lovely spot to sit. Talks on a possible merger were held with other societies but this was impossible so the committee considered it had no alternative but to recommend winding-up the society. This was put to the membership and the society was finally closed at the end of September. The remaining funds have been given to our Hitchin British Schools Trust and the archives to HALS. Pam Skeggs




With the school understandably not collecting for harvest this year all donations that were given were taken to The Haven where they were very gratefully received. As a result, we were unable to send out boxes of goodies to local residents. The Friends decided that this wouldn't do, especially this year when so many people are lonely and need a little cheering up, so we baked a few cakes and took them round to those on the list. Everyone was thrilled to receive an unexpected cake and even more pleased to have a jolly good natter with the deliverer. We are planning to do the same thing at Christmas, so if you know of someone that we need to add to our list please let Franie know. Telephone 01462-233488. Barbara Thomas






Sadly, we have decided that we are unable to hold the Nativity Crib Festival in the church this year, our ancient church with its narrow aisles and social distancing just don’t mix. However, we have decided to have a go at a Virtual Crib Festival. The plan is that we will upload at least one photo of a crib plus a few words about it every day from 1st – 24th December (so it will be a sort of Advent Calendar as well!). We are hoping that everyone will be able to join in posting photos of their cribs together with a few words about what makes it special to its owner. It will be great to see the Cribs in their positions at home and fascinating to see how far it will spread (we know there are ex St. Ippolyts people in Australia and New Zealand!) As the Crib Festival is a big fund raiser for us we will also include a link to our Give a Little page - and, hopefully, people will be generous in giving to help us to maintain our beautiful, but expensive, church. So, keep an eye open for us from the beginning of December on Please join in and share as far as you can. If you have a crib it would be great if you could email me a photo of it in its position in your home together with a couple of sentences about what makes it special to you. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Barbara Thomas



100 CLUB

The winners for OCTOBER were: No. 157 Jan Hawkins £20 No. 20 Frank Harding £15 No. 90 Amelia Cowlishaw £10 Shelagh Cox




The next Pax will be a double issue covering DECEMBER and JANUARY. Material should reach Clare Larsen, 24 Ninesprings Way, Hitchin SG4 9NN (tel. 01462-453541 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by Sunday 15th November, please. Or given to Rosemary Stratton by Thursday 12th November.  *************************************************************************************************

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Pew Sheets for October

.Pew Sheets for October 2020Pew Sheets for October 2020Pew Sheets for October 2020

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October PAX

Pax                        OCTOBER  2020

Price:  40p.


The Parish Magazine for the Benefice of St. Ippolyts with Great and Little Wymondley



The Reverend Ginni Dear, The Vicarage, Stevenage Road, St. Ippolyts SG4 7PE                   01462-237032

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



St. Ippolyts

Michael Hooper, Hillrise, Stevenage Road, St. Ippolyts SG4 7PE                                           01462-457350

Jane Veasey, Gosmore Cross, Newlands Lane, Gosmore SG4 9BD                                        01462-434254


Great Wymondley

Cherry Carter, 2 Church Green, Great Wymondley SG4 7HA                                               01438-724919

Paul Harding, The Old Rectory, Church Green, Great Wymondley SG4 7ES                                    01438-729219

Little Wymondley

Mike Allardyce, 81 Whitney Drive, Stevenage SG1 4BL                                                        07967-831968

David Palmer, 198 Cleveland Way, Great Ashby, SG1 6BY                                                   01438-367912

Visit our website -




For some reason autumn seems to evoke some of the most evocative words and music in all culture.  As an ardent record collector I can never tire of Richard Strauss' ‘Four Last Songs’, written near the end of his life 

and one of the few modern works that I can wallow in for pure pleasure over and over again.  Likewise there 

is one particular poem that I love;  it was written by Lawrence Binyon, the poet who wrote 'They shall not 

grow old as we that are left grow old'.  It begins with the line 'Now is the time for the burning of the leaves' 

and it captures the atmosphere of a season where the nights draw in, the temperature drops, and all the colour 

of the summer becomes a distant memory.  All we are left with is trees like skeletons and the unhappy thought that things will get worse before they get better.  So we prepare ourselves by having festivals of fire and for families before the really hard months that are January and February.

It's been a strange old summer, with the spectre of Covid-19 hanging over everything.  When I last wrote this column in July everything was very uncertain; nothing has changed since then.  The situation as I write this 

in mid-September may be completely different from how it will be when you read it, so making predictions about anything is a waste of space and possibly a display of ignorance.  But perhaps Binyon's nostalgic poem expresses something of the sadness and uncertainty that we feel now that autumn is setting in.  I can't help seeing a bitter unintentional irony in one of the lines;  as he looks back he remarks 'The world that was ours 

is a world that is ours no more'. 

But having looked back with such nostalgia he looks forward with hope.  'They will come again, the leaf and

the flower, to arise from squalor of rottenness into the old splendour, And magical scents to a wandering memory bring.....Nothing is certain, only the certain spring'.  The message of the cycle of the seasons is that before resurrection there must be death, and death leads to resurrection.  The two go together and are inseparable.  Winter leads to spring, and the earth revives.

That is the message of Christianity.  Death leads to rebirth, re-creation.  The cycle of the seasons reflects the 

way that God works, recreating, giving new life even after death.  But there is something much deeper than 

this.  Just as the cycle of the seasons never changes, so God never changes.  We live in times when it can be almost alarming to read the newspapers or watch the news.  As we enter the darkest months we are uncertain about the future in a way that we have not experienced since the Cuban Missile Crisis or the Second World War.  But we can be certain of one thing.  It is that God never changes.  He will never stop loving, never stop caring, never leave us.  And we can use those very familiar words from a very familiar hymn as a prayer, no matter what level of faith we have.  'Change and decay in all around I see, O Thou who changest not, abide 

with me'.

         With very best wishes, Paul Lanham





8.00am.          Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)                                    St. Ippolyts

9.15am.          Parish Praise                                                                            Great Wymondley

No online service today



9.15am.          Holy Communion                                                                   St. Ippolyts


9.15am.          Holy Communion (Common Worship)                                   Little Wymondley


9.15am.          Holy Communion (Common Worship)                                   St. Ippolyts

All 9.15am. services are also live-streamed to Facebook with the exception of Sunday 4th October.

Monday - Thursday - live on Facebook

Morning Prayer at 9.00am.

Evening Prayer at 6.00pm.



6.30pm.          Great Wymondley APCM via Zoom                       email Ginni for an access code



7.00pm.                      All Souls Service                                                        St. Ippolyts

Booking Essential - email Ginni for a ticket. 






As you will have seen in last month’s PAX, we are once again supporting the Link to Hope Christmas

Shoebox Appeal.  In these times, this is a project that has become even more vital than it was before. 

To quote from a recent communication I received from Link to Hope:

‘These are very challenging times we are all going through at the moment.  No-one could

 have predicted what was going to happen.  In order to keep ourselves sane, as a charity we

 have chosen to focus on those families who, after a terrible year, will be even more pleased

 and grateful to receive a shoebox.  Presently in Eastern Europe they are going through some

 very tough times.  Imagine how we would feel in this same situation without heat, wood, food

 or medicine to ease the burden.’

This year Link to Hope have come up with four different ways that we can help:

  1. Fill a shoebox in the usual way.
  2. They will fill a shoebox on your behalf.
  3. Donate money directly to their appeal.
  4. Donate items for shoeboxes in bulk.

If you can possibly help in any of the above ways, that would be fantastic.  For full details of how to do this see last month’s PAX (or ring Christine and Arthur Sibun on 01462-459145 for more information).  And remember, if you would like us to return your completed shoebox along with ours, can you please ensure that it will be with Christine and Arthur well beforeMonday 2nd November?  (Or just give us a ring before that date and we will pick it up from you).

Thank you in anticipation                       Arthur Sibun





Reverend Ginni led the Harvest Thanksgiving celebration last month while we hummed along to ‘We Plough the Fields and Scatter’.  Harvest around us seemed a little late this year;  the field of barley next to us wasn’t cut until well into September.  I was anxiously waiting for it to be cut so that I could finally have a bonfire to get rid of hedge clippings and tree pruning.  It is quite therapeutic sitting round a fire and clearing the garden ready for the next season.

Autumn came right on cue.  Monday 21st  September was hot and sunny and the next day, some much needed rain and cooler weather.  It has been a good summer, the garden did very well, full of colour and scent.  Our garden starts off in spring, mainly blue, Forget-Me-Nots and Bluebells.  It gradually turns pink with Cosmos, Lilies, Roses, and Fuchsia’s and as soon as I see the yellow of Sunflowers and Calendula, I know that autumn is not far away.

With all the extra time available because of Covid restrictions, we have painted fences, sheds, garden ornaments and anything else that doesn’t move, so it is all looking very spic and span.  The lawns are looking really lush and green, our mole is still in residence, doing lots of test digs around the edges, but has thankfully not ventured any further, our new rescue dog is on his case, she has a very good nose, perhaps he can sense her and is having second thoughts.

Our pair of Pigeons decided that the nest location I chose for them wasn’t suitable and kept going back into our alcove, we felt it was unfair to keep evicting them, so we conceded and they have now built the nest and she is sitting.  He looks at me every morning as if to say, ‘we won, don’t disturb the missus, this is our space’.

Having lost all my lovely tulip bulbs which I potted up last year to a mouse (or mice), I have bought some more, planted them up and they are under lock and key in my summer house.  The mice are not going to have a feast at my expense this year!

I mentioned our new dog; she is lovely but has been quite poorly since we brought her home.  We have spent a lot of our waking hours at the vets, but she is on the mend now and proving to be a great character.  She loves her walks and I am pleased to take her out each day.

                                                                                                                                         Rosemary Stratton5.




This took place on Sunday 6th September with lovely sunny weather.  The congregation brought folding chairs and sat on the grass in the morning sunshine.  Becky Ullah told everyone about the plans for the Community Garden as we looked out on to the progress that has already been made in clearing the overgrown site.  Apples shone red on the tree and tomatoes glinted in the sunlight.  Afterwards people chatted while socially distancing and enjoyed delicious apple cakes kindly made by Josie Gilbert.

200922 G Wymondley PAXimage1 1


Sales of preserves continue with further production only stalled by lack of jam jars!  Returned jars and lids are always very welcome.  At the latest count there will be 35 varieties of jam and marmalade by the time the quinces are ripe and have been made into jam and jelly.  The jams and marmalade for sale are displayed on shelves in the church porch which is open every day.

200922 G Wymondley PAXimage3 1


Nicky and Josie Gilbert gallantly cycled for Great Wymondley Church in the Beds. and Herts. Historic Churches Trust Bike’n Hike event.  They visited 25 churches to raise money which will be shared between the church in Great Wymondley and the Trust.  It was a rather different event this year as the churches were not open because of Covid-19 with no one there to time and initial the sponsor sheets.  Thank you to everyone who sponsored them.

200922 G Wymondley PAXimage2 1


The long grass and wild flowers around the trees has now been cut and raked off by a team of volunteers.  This important annual task will make sure that the fertility of the soil is not increased thus encouraging more wild flowers amongst the trees. 

200922 G Wymondley PAX image4 1


The annual meeting will take place on Tuesday 13th October at 6.00pm. using Zoom.  If you would like to take part email me and I will send you the Zoom links - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

                                                                                                                                                Cherry Carter




The sunny days of golden September have cheered many hearts in times when there are increased Covid problems.  Now we can hardly believe October is here.  Recently we have had various household items which have gone wrong and so we've needed to make some phone calls.  Perhaps you too have experienced some of the difficulties in trying to speak to an actual person!  We hear an automated voice giving a long detailed account of how we needn't phone but could try another way.  Then there is another long wait and the invitation to press 1, 2, 3, 4 and more and wait again, and you still haven't talked to a person yet.  You then are told that you are 17th or 38th in the queue and you wait.....  These things also happen with medical phone calls of which we have had many.

But what a blessing it is not at all like that when we speak to God.  We know He is ready and waiting for our call and we have His full attention from the moment we call out to Him.  We read in Isaiah 'Before they ask, I will answer:  while they are still speaking, I will hear.' and in Psalm 55 'I call to my God and the Lord saved me. Evening, morning and noon I cry out and He has heard my voice'.  Even when we can't actually put our prayer into words God hears our heart and He know us so intimately because even 'the very hairs of our head are numbered.'  In these days we miss the personal touch, and although modern technology has been good in so many ways, we miss the contact of human connection.

This all makes prayer even more vital and it was once called 'The Christian's vital breath'.  God knows all about us and what is going on in our lives.  We read in Psalm 135, 'You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways.  Before a word is on my tongue, you know it completely, O Lord'.

Thankfully the Covid Pandemic can't stop churches working and we have been blessed to have services and other meetings on line as well as Bible studies and children's activities.

We haven't actually met for ‘It's Monday’ since March but we look forward to the day when we can.  Even though we can't meet in the hall to do crafts, plant bulbs, do music and movement, quizzes, share holiday memories and meals etc., we can keep in touch, have a chat, a phone call or a socially distanced 

cup of tea.  For those who take Daily Bread we have all got our September/November books.

Its Monday

Christianity Explored - This is open to all who would like to tune in on a Wednesday evening from 7.30pm.  An informal look at the scriptures and discover more about Jesus and the Christian life.  You can tune in to the same

link as the Sunday services.

First Tuesday also happens on zoom on 6th October - coffee and discussion from 10.30am. on line.  To connect with this phone 01438-228232.  Make your own coffee!

On Sundays we have started a new series on The Holy Spirit to which we look forward.  We welcome all who wish to join us.  Tune in at 10.30am. for a 10.45am. start on 0131-460-1196 or 0203-051-2874.  Use the link https/ or download the zoom app and join using meeting ID 8675752648.  Any problems phone 07531-08162.  This link can also be used for Christianity Explored on Wednesday and the Friday morning Bible Study which is held every fortnight.  On Tuesday evenings we pray together without zoom, so join us as we pray for our community, our families, our country, the NHS with the increased Covid cases, for our Government, the Queen and for all suffering from illness or bereavement here and abroad.

Sundays in October:

4th        Tim Wells (Harvest)                            11th      Bryan Field

18th      Tim Wells                                            25th      Kieran Murphy.

Sending love from all at the Chapel.

'The Lord gives strength to His people;  the Lord blesses His people with peace'          Psalm 29:11

                                                                                                                         Marjorie McCarley 01438-27050


*****************************************************************************************************NEWS FROM ST. IPPOLYTS


We will be celebrating our Harvest Festival on Sunday 11th October.  If anyone would like to donate some dry goods please leave your donation in a box in the church porch on Friday 9th October.  The porch will be open from 9.30am. - 4.30pm.  Alternatively bring your box to the service on Sunday 11th October.  All donations will be taken to the Homeless Shelter in Hitchin.  Thank you very much.

                                                                                                                  Jane Veasey and Frances Williams



Hitchin Priory Rotary Club will be planting 3000 purple crocus corms in the grounds of St. Ippolyts Church

on Saturday 24th October at 10:00am.  Money raised from the purchase of these crocuses will be used to protect children and help rid the world of polio.  Please help us to support this important project by donating through Hitchin Priory Rotary Club website at

          Michael Hooper



The next meeting which takes place on Monday 12th October at 7.30pm. will be on Zoom.  Copies of the Agenda and Approved Minutes are displayed in the council notice boards and on website  There is always an Agenda item for Public Participation 

where residents can ask questions and raise issues.

Please contact clerk on 01462-421409 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your questions

if you would like to join this meeting.

Please look out for our Annual magazine that will be delivered and also available on our website. 

                                                                                                                                                     Pam Skeggs



The Trustees were very pleased to be able to reopen the main hall during the week commencing Monday

7th September as planned.  We welcomed two user groups back with other groups planning to return.  Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus we have cancelled the Christmas Fair. 

Enquiries to Booking Secretary Sam Kelly on 01462-423291 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit


                                                                                                                                                     Pam Skeggs



Our delayed Annual Parishioners Meeting and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting of the Parish of

St. Ippolyts were held on Zoom on Wednesday 16th September.  Our PCC for the coming year will be made

up of the following people:

The Reverend Ginni Dear - Vicar

Jane Veasey - Churchwarden

Michael Hooper - Churchwarden and Treasurer

Roger Cox - Secretary

Shelagh Cox

Howell Davies - Reader

Clare Reid

Jenny Sheach - Safeguarding Officer

Anne Steel

Frances Williams




Funerals and Burials                        18th August:                 Cyril Charles Andrews

                                                27th August:                 Thomas William James Piggott

Funerals at the Crematorium                      20th August:                 Daphne Patricia Lewis

                                                            1st September:              Joyce Edgar

                                                            17th September:                        Joyce Margaret Smith


100 CLUB

The winners for SEPTEMBER were:

No. 170           Molly Weiss                £20

No. 24             Frank Harding             £15

No. 143           Sarah Holloway           £10

                                                                                                                                                    Shelagh Cox



Is there a ‘creative writer’ out there in St. Ippolyts who would be interested in sending in a regular piece for 

Pax about anything happening in the village, which might be of general interest?  None of our regular groups are meeting at the moment so there is a space which could be filled.  Please email me - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

                                                                                                                                                    Clare Larsen



Material for the NOVEMBER issue of Pax should reach Clare Larsen, 24 Ninesprings Way, Hitchin SG4 9NN (tel. 01462-453541 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by Thursday 15th October, please.  Or given to Rosemary Stratton by Monday 12thOctober.



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