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The Parish Magazine for the Benefice of St. Ippolyts with Great and Little Wymondley


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Great Wymondley

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Little Wymondley

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Easter Sunday falls this year on 4th April - the most important day in the Christian year.  It is when the 

Church rejoices at the resurrection of Jesus Christ the Son of God after His crucifixion three days earlier.

After death comes rebirth, with all the overtones in that glorious idea.

This year however it is particularly special.  We were unable to celebrate it last year;  churches were closed because of the Covid virus.  This year they will be open again and we can mark it properly, although there

must be certain differences from what we were once used to.  At the time of writing I do not know what these will be and what services will take place because the situation remains fluid.  For information please see the church noticeboards and look at the website;  both of these will provide more information than I can at present.

Easter speaks of rebirth, and if ever there was a theme for April 2021 this is it.  There is the rebirth of the 

natural world after the seeming death of winter.  I have been very frustrated for the past few months at being unable to work in our garden.  However in the last month I have seen the emergence of the spring flowers - snowdrops, aconites and above all daffodils.  Soon there will be primroses, tulips, lilac and finally roses that

I love so much.  I will also be able to sit on the swing seat at the bottom of the garden and feel the sun again. Nature is reborn after the darkness of winter, the days are lengthening and the temperatures are rising. Small wonder that for many spring is the best time of the year.

But we are also hopefully seeing the lifting of ever more restrictions after the lockdown caused by Covid. Perhaps that is why this winter has been so difficult.  Weatherwise it has not been the hardest.  We older

ones might remember the appallingly cold winter of 1947, rather more of us the very hard one of 1962/3 - 

and there was also the Winter of Discontent in the late 1970’s.  But it has been the suffocation of the past

three months that has been so hard to bear.  The enforced closure of all but essential shops, of pubs

restaurants, hairdressers, gyms and other places we might normally frequent.  Not being able to visit children and grandchildren.  Now hopefully things are going to improve and we can look forward with hope.  Rebirth after a very dark winter.

So Easter 2021 speaks of resurrection and rebirth in far more than a Christian sense.  As we see the nation coming alive again after the darkness of the past we are reminded that after death there is new life - and that

is the heart of our Christian faith.  This year it means more than it has done for a very long time;  the message could not be more relevant.

With warmest good wishes, Paul





All services will be held at St. Ippolyts Church and will also be live-streamed to Facebook with

theexception of the Good Friday Meditation.

SUNDAY 28th MARCH - Palm Sunday

9.15am.          Holy Communion

MONDAY 29th MARCH                   9.00am.     Morning Prayer         7.00pm.     Compline

TUESDAY 30th MARCH                   9.00am.     Morning Prayer         7.00pm.     Compline

WEDNESDAY 31st MARCH             9.00am.     Morning Prayer         7.00pm.     Compline

THURSDAY 1st APRIL - Maundy Thursday

9.00am.    Morning Prayer          7.00pm      Compline

FRIDAY 2nd APRIL - Good Friday

9.00am.     Morning Prayer

2.00pm.     Meditation

The Good Friday Meditation will last approximately one hour and include a mix of Bible readings,

poetry and music.  It will be led by The Reverend Paul Lanham.

SATURDAY 3rd APRIL - Easter Eve            

8.00pm.     Easter Vigil

This service will be held outside at St. Mary’s, Great Wymondley

SUNDAY 4th APRIL - Easter Day 

8.00am.          Holy Communion (BCP)

9.15am.          Holy Communion (CW)

During Holy Week, St. Ippolyts Church will be open for private prayer and reflection from

9.30am. until 6.30pm.  






I am pleased to report that services will resume at St. Mary’s on Sunday 16th May.  We will have a service

of Holy Communion every third Sunday of the month at 9.15am.  On Thursday 13th May the church will

be open from 10.00am., when we will give it a much needed Spring Clean.  As you will appreciate, it has been shut for many weeks, and the dust has built up.  If anyone can spare an hour and come and polish a pew, that would be a great help, many hands make light work, as the saying goes.  Cleaning materials will be on hand 

and social distancing will be managed.  Thank you, it will be lovely to open the doors again and see people coming in.


Our annual meeting will take place on Sunday 16th May following the 9.15am. service, so approximately

a 10.15am. start.  This is a public meeting to elect Churchwardens and P.C.C. members, so all welcome.


210330 Peacock Butterfly 1

Spring is definitely in the air, the daylight lengthening, the warmth of the sunshine, the germinating of seeds

and the grass growing.  I love it!  Listening to the dawn chorus and then getting out in the garden again, all of a sudden there are jobs to be done as the new season gets under way.  Every year I think I am going to make

the garden look the best it’s ever done;  not sure I ever achieve it but my enthusiasm peaks now and gradually wains as my back starts complaining.

210330 Bee and Bossom 1210330 Blossom 1

The ducks are pairing up and looking for nest sites.  In the mornings when Lola and I are walking, the woodpeckers are hammering away in the park and flocks of little birds are chatting excitedly, it is quite deafening.  No cuckoo’s last year, we used to have quite a few, but I live in hope to hear their call.  Our little muntjac still comes into the top of our garden and I’ve noticed he’s grazed the tops of the bluebells, not a bad thing as we are overrun with them.

Last year I lost all my tubs of tulips to a mouse or army of mice, but I’ve beaten them this year.  Pots were 

kept in the summerhouse under lock and key until well established so we will have a lovely Spring display. 

We are looking forward to that.

                                                                                                                                    Rosemary Stratton




Spring is most certainly here with the promise of better days to come.

Yesterday however was quite cold and grey but I had snowdrops-in-the green to divide and plant in the churchyard and there are more to do in the next few days.  Each year we divide and re-plant big clumps

to encourage the snowdrops to spread around the graves, the church building and alongside  the churchyard paths.

One spring day we can perhaps have snowdrop walks in the churchyard and around the village followed

by teas in the church.

Today though was a different day with sun and blue sky.

The white blossom of the wild plum was magnificent against the blue sky.  Petals were starting to fall like snowflakes and the trees had the soft roar of bees foraging for pollen and nectar.  Close up on a short hedge

of white plum blossom our honeybees were foraging with delight as well as a peacock butterfly basking in

the morning sun, perhaps having its first food after hibernating through the winter

                                                                                                                                    Cherry Carter


We are very pleased to say that after many months, if not years of waiting, we have finally received our Faculty approval for the work to the church floor as well as the approval to the Kitchenette and WC.

We are going to be starting work as soon as possible on the floor as the next phase which together with the electrical work will enable us to reopen hopefully no later than the autumn 

We all look forward very much to that day.

                                                                                                                                    Paul Harding




Have you noticed that many of the expressions we often use find their origin in Scripture.  We find ourselves saying words which have come straight out of the King James Bible, whether we are 'falling by the wayside', talking about 'feet of clay', 'a leopard changing his spots' or 'the writing on the wall'.  Some years ago Melvyn Bragg wrote a book called 'The Book of Books' and it was about the radical impact the King James Bible had

on our culture and language.  So for one example, we often hear about a 'doubting Thomas' and we can recognise that straight away from the Gospels.  At this Easter time it is a good exercise to re-read the events recorded in Scripture from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection and here we meet Thomas.  John tells us that he was also called Didymus and he was one of the 12 disciples.  He had missed the amazing moment when the Risen Jesus had appeared and spoken to the disciples and being rather sceptical he wouldn't believe it until he saw the actual wounds on the hands and side of Jesus.  And of course, a week later his unbelief was changed

to utter belief and he saw and believed that Jesus had risen from the dead, and he cried out in worship and praise 'My Lord and my God'.  The words of Jesus to Thomas are to us as well, 'Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed'.  Believing in Jesus makes us blessed indeed and at this Easter time may we be very conscious of the Living Lord Jesus in our hearts and in our lives.

This time last year we were in the first lockdown so it was all new to us as we celebrated Easter in a different way.  This year we look ahead to better times and less restrictions as well as the vaccine which has been given

to over 25 million people, for which we thank God.

'It's Monday' - we are into our 19th year but haven't met in the hall for just over 12 months.  But we keep in touch and look forward to the day when we meet on a Monday morning again.

'First Tuesday' has continued on zoom when we meet for ‘virtual coffee and discussion’ and the next one will

be on 6th April from 10.30am.

Tuesday evening is Prayer Time when we pray for our community, our loved ones, our country and our Queen. We keep our Government and the NHS in our prayers and we lift up all suffering with ill health or bereavement.

Bible Studies on zoom on Wednesday at 7.30pm. (weekly) and Friday (fortnightly).  Both on the Church zoom link.  The Community Bible Study will be on the 14th and 28th April from 2.20pm. when the link is  We will start with a cup of tea and a chat before we start our studies in the Book of Acts.

On Wednesday 21st April we are having Oasis on zoom and the speaker will be Joy Burnham on this same link.  A warm welcome to all at 2.30pm.

The Chapel is open on Sundays and if you want to attend the service please book on the church email address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the church phone 07531-081621 when the usual guidelines will apply.  If you are joining us from your home on zoom dial in at 10.30am. for a 10.45am. start on 01314-601196 or 02030-512874.  Please use the link https/ or download the zoom app and join using

ID 8675752648.  Any problems phone 07531-081621.

We send our love and deep sympathy to those in the village who are missing and mourning the loss of loved ones.

On Maundy Thursday 1st April we will have a Communion Service at 7.30pm. on zoom.  On Saturday we

will put flowers on the cross at the front of the Chapel to celebrate the resurrection.

Sundays in April:

4th        Dr. Barry Funnell - Easter Day            11th      Pauline Wade

18th      Doug Richardson                                 25th      Clive Bacon

‘With a loud cry, Jesus breathed His last.  The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. 

And when the centurion, who stood there in front of Jesus, saw how He died, he said, ‘Surely this man 

was the Son of God.’                                                                                        Mark 15 v37-39

                                                                                                              Marjorie McCarley  (01438-727050)





The Bible Study Group will resume meetings after Easter on Wednesdays 14th and 28th April.  We

will meet on Zoom at 2.20pm. with a cup of tea and begin our studies at 2.40pm.  We will continue

our study of The Acts of the Apostles.  If you would like to join us please telephone Margaret Edmonds 

(01462-452340) or Clare Larsen (01462-453541) for further information.

                                                                                                                                    Clare Larsen



There is a Parish Council meeting on Monday 19th April at 7.00pm., which will be followed by the Parish Annual Assembly at 7.30pm.  They will be held remotely by Zoom - joining details will be on the Council's website: from the Wednesday before the meeting.

The next Parish Council meeting, which is also the Annual Meeting of the Council, is due to take place

on Monday 17th May at 7.30pm.  Residents should please check the Council's website: and Facebook page @WymondleyParishCouncil as this date may be 

subject to change if the government does not extend the current deadline that enables Parish Councils to 

meet remotely.


The Parish Council is to hold its first Scarecrow Festival from Saturday 21st to Saturday 28th August.

We are hoping this will be a Parish-wide community event, attracting participants of all ages, with residents able to make their own scarecrow and then follow a walking trail(s) to view the scarecrows displayed in front gardens and in the Community Garden in Graveley Road, Great Wymondley.  So why not join in and start designing your scarecrow - any theme, big or small.  You can find lots of ideas on the internet, including from scarecrow festivals held in other parishes.  The event is intended to be COVID-19 secure - depending on the restrictions

(if any) in place at the time.  Residents will be able to make their scarecrow at home and then walk around the Parish with members of their own household (and/or friends and family, if permitted) independently at a time

of their choosing.  For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sharon Long

Clerk to Wymondley Parish Council

Phone:   07733-853263

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





The St. Ippolyts Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Monday 12th April at 7.15pm. on Zoom.  A

Copy of the Agenda will be displayed in the Council notice boards and on website

As usual invites to present or submit a report will be sent to HCC/NHDC Councillors, Police, School,

Church, Bowls Club, and Football Club.  The meeting is open to all electors of our Parish, who have the right not only to attend but also to speak on matters of local interest.

This meeting is a legacy from the Middle Ages, when Local Councils did not exist, and all local decision 

making was carried out by meetings of the whole community, taking place in the church vestry.  Please

contact clerk on 01462-421409 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to join this meeting.

                                                                                                                                         Pam Skeggs



This will follow the above meeting.  Copies of the Agenda and Approved Minutes are displayed in the 

council notice boards and on website

There is always an Agenda item for Public Participation where residents can ask questions and raise issues. Please contact clerk with your questions if you would like to join this meeting, details above.

                                                                                                                                          Pam Skeggs



At the time of writing due to the coronavirus pandemic and the Government’s restrictions the Parish Hall

is still temporarily closed to the public.  In accordance with the steps, trustees plan to open on Monday

12th April for permitted activities and on Monday 17th May for additional activities.

We look forward to welcoming back our users.

For enquiries, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or website

Diary dates:

Management Meetings on Wednesdays 30th June and 29th September 2021.

                                                                                                                                         Pam Skeggs





Funeral and Burial   15th January:    Jean Margaret Elsie Jones

                                    9th March:        Peter French

Cremations                2nd February:   Jean Eunice Bishop

                                    4th February:    Patricia Newstead Willmott


Burial                         16th March:      Angela Watts 


100 CLUB

The winners for March were:

No. 131                       Mark Skeggs                £20

No. 55                         Jane White                   £15

No. 85                         Chris Cowlishaw          £10

                                                                                                                                         Shelagh Cox



Material for the MAY issue of Pax should reach Clare Larsen, 24 Ninesprings Way, Hitchin SG4 9NN 

(tel. 01462-453541 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by Thursday 15th April please.  Or given to Rosemary Stratton by Monday 12th April.



Holy Week - Church opening times
CELBRATING EASTER - a thought from Rev Paul Lanham