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St Ippolyts Church Nativity Crib Festival

3rd and 4th December 11-5

Aren’t Crib sets a bit boring? Come along to our Nativity Crib Festival and we’ll prove otherwise!

Every year we get more and more cribs (last year we lost count at 130) and they are all different!

Different in size from a scene carved inside a wooden egg the size of a quails egg to ones over a foot high.

Different in age from family heirlooms to the scenes made by The Beavers or Brownies.

Different in the materials they are made from, who knew you could make a Nativity set out of citrus peel?

Above all they each have a different story written on a card beside them. One wonderful story told about a set at our first festival in which the twin boys who owned the Playmobile Nativty set had found that baby Jesus fitted inside their toy cars and went zooming around the house. Another, made of newspaper told of how a poor shepherd had been nibbled by the mice.

All these sets are displayed in our lovely medieval church with as many fairy lights, baubles and tinsel as we can possibly squeeze in.

If you have been before will your favourites be there? Who knows? We certainly don’t until they arrive at the church when we set up. We do know that we will have some different sets, one of the organisers has inherited quite a few sets, another was given another one last Christmas (yes everyone knows we are a little obsessed with them). We will also have a Mystery Crib set, I received a phone call last Christmas saying that they had a crib set for us for the next festival and this was duly left on my doorstep, unfortunately my household was in considerable turmoil and no details were taken – whose it is remains a mystery!

Entry is £2.50, children are free. Tea/ coffee and delicious cakes are available.

For more details contact Barbara. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01462 421647

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