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September Community Lunch in the Parish Hall - A great success

About 40 from our community attended the September community lunch which was this month organised by the Parish Councillors. A big thank you to all those who helped in particular Barbara Thomas who baked a splendid Pasta Dish and to Kim from The Bull who had made a wonderful chocolate dessert. Malcolm Parker was the chief washer upper!! Richard Thake made an appearance, thank goodness he was not the chef today!!

See the gallery for more photos! 

IMG 3021 Barbara Thomas

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Revd Ann's Weekly News Sheet, Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity

150830 Pew Sheet

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Could you help us to place a shoebox filled with gifts into the hands of a needy child this Christmas?

Once again our three churches in the Benefice, Wymondley Baptist Church and local schools, will all be supporting the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal.  As you are aware, the concept is simple.  A medium-sized shoebox is covered with Christmas wrapping paper, filled with gifts and then sent (via the charity) to a needy child.  We do not know at present where our boxes are to be sent this year.  Although it is always nice to know this in advance, if the guidelines on the instruction leaflet are followed, it will not matter which countries our boxes go to.

You will need one instruction leaflet for each shoebox that you do.  To take part, you will need an empty medium-sized shoebox, some wrapping paper, some gifts and an instruction leaflet.  You will need to cover the lid and the box separately (unless the lid is one of the flap-over type of course).  Place your gifts inside (along with a voluntary contribution to help with transport costs) stick the Boy/Girl label from the leaflet on the outside of the lid and secure the box closed with a rubber band.  The leaflet also gives many good ideas for gifts that you might include in your box.  (As well as listing those that are definitely unsuitable).

If you already have an empty shoebox that you can use that is great, otherwise empty shoeboxes and instruction leaflets are available from church or from Christine and Arthur Sibun (tel. 01462-459145).  We know from the past that some folk find it a very challenging and daunting proposition to have to cover a shoebox with Christmas paper so, although we do not offer the pre-printed GO boxes mentioned in the leaflet, we are once again offering pre-covered boxes for a small extra donation.  Note:  the pre-covered boxes will not be left at the back of church, but will be available on request from Christine and Arthur.  (See us in church or telephone).

As mentioned Operation Christmas Child suggests a voluntary donation of £3 to help to cover transport costs.  (This is incredibly good value when you see what the Post Office would charge!)  Last year the average across the board donation in the UK was £2.80 which I thought was pretty good.  However, such is the scale of their operations that this shortfall of 20p. a box cost Operation Christmas Child an extra £170,000!!  Therefore if you can possibly manage a donation of £3 (or even a little bit more) it would be very much appreciated - and if you donate on-line it helps to cut administration costs down.  (Otherwise please place your donation inside your shoebox in the envelope provided with your leaflet.)

Completed boxes should be returned to church (or to Christine and Arthur) on or before Sunday 8th November and we will ensure that they arrive at the warehouse in good time.

Please Note:  The dates printed on the front of the leaflet only apply if you are taking your box to the drop-off point yourself.

                                                                                                Arthur Sibun

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I trust that most of you reading this message will have learnt that Reverend Ann Pollington has been appointed vicar of St. Dunstan’s in Cranbrook, Kent.  Her licensing service will be held there on Tuesday 17th November at 7.00pm.  I trust that many of her parishioners/friends might like to attend this service.  Her new church is about 100 miles from us in Hertfordshire and driving time by car via the M25 and the Dartford Crossing is at best about 2 hours.

We were wondering if there was sufficient interest in hiring a coach.  This would need to leave Hitchin at about 3.30pm. from Woodside car park as the coach company reckon on the journey taking 2½ hours but we would be in part of the

‘rush hour’.  We would plan to leave Cranbrook before 9.30pm. and our journey should be quicker on the way back but we would probably not be back in Hitchin until just before midnight.

(If starting from London, the nearest railway station is Staplehurst which is mainly served by trains from Charing Cross with a journey time of approximately 1 hour.  Staplehurst is about 5 miles from Cranbrook.  There is an hourly bus service to Cranbrook or there will be taxis but there is no suitable late bus back to the station).

The coach fare would be cheapest if we could totally fill a 53 seater,

but if we could only fill a 35 seater, the cost would be around £15

per person.

I need to get back to the coach company as soon as possible so if you would be interested in attending and having the use of the coach, please either email me or

call 01462-432445, on which line there is an answer machine, no later than Sunday 4th October.  Your decision would not be binding but we do need to see whether there is enough support to book a coach.

If you have any queries please either email or call me.

Email:  'This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.')%3B">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                Phone:  01462-432445

                                                                                                Roger Cox

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Quiz Night 10th October, make up a team of up to 8 people and have a great evening!!

151010 Quiz Night Poster

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Sponsored Bike 'n Hike in support of Beds & Herts Historic Churches Trust, contact Shelagh Cox.

150912 Bike n Hike

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Revd Ann's Licensing Service 17th November 2015

No Pew Sheet this week but instead details of a proposed Benefice Bus to Revd Ann's licensing service at Cranbrook on 17th November.


150823 Revd Anns Licensing service

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Revd Ann's Weekly News Sheet, Eleventh Sunday after Trinity

150816 Pew Sheet

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Horse Blessing Service - A Great Success!!

The 2015 Horse Blessing service was held on Sunday afternoon, 9th August. and under a cloudless sky 16 horses turned up to be blessed by Revd Ann. You cannot imagine the different shapes and sizes of horse that lined up outside the church. Revd Ann led the singing of 2 popular hymms and also led the prayers dedicated to horses and the part they play in the world. The collection went to the Riding for the Disabled Charity and after the service Joan Pinkstone thanked everone for their generosity as over £124 was collected for her favourite charity. The Church yard mowers looked on in dismay as the parcels left behind by the horses will probably clog the mowers next Tuesday!! Stiil several of the horses did contribute to the grass cutting by eating the grass! A splendid service and a great tradition for our church.

If you would like to see more photographs of the service have a look at our gallery. If you attended you will probably see yourself!!P1030513 c

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St Hippolytus Day - Open House The Vicarage

Revd Ann will be having an open house from 09:00 until 16:00, so come along for a chat, a slice of toast and homemade jam, cup of tea or coffee or even something stronger!. The refreshments are free but there will be a bowl out for Revd Ann's favorite charity "Practical action' if you would like to contribute.

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Revd Ann's Weekly News Sheet, Tenth Sunday after Trinity

150809 Pew Sheet

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Frederik Landseer Griggs 1876-1938

Locking up the church on Saturday evening I met a gentleman, Mr Colin Howard, visiting our church. Apparently each year he attends a summer musical course at Princess Helenas College, Preston and he never misses the opportunity to visit our lovely church. Although Mr  Howard hails from Wiltshgire he was extremely knowlegable about the history of our church. He suggested I might look up the work by a reknown artist F. L. Griggs. Amongst his works are two etchings of St ippolyts Church. I came across this web site  with an entry from Mr Ronald McBurnie. He wrote "

My interest in the work of F.L. Griggs began a little after I had purchased my first etchings of Samuel Palmer and began to investigate some the artists who had come under his spell.  I first purchased Griggs small etching titled Laneham (1923) and have slowly built up a modest collection of his work. Griggs was many things to different people. For me he was a great draughtsman who possessed a unique poetic vision of English architecture. Sometimes the architecture he drew inspiration from was imaginary and was channelled from the an unspoilt past age; etchings like Saras and Priory Farm are examples of this preoccupation. The marks he drew onto the plates were often quite intricate and like Palmer in many of his plates he has overlayed successive etched layers of marks to create rich dark passages while still allowing small areas of white to glint through.

As well as making magnificent etchings, drawings and watercolours, Griggs was also a flawless printmaking technician who at various times was able to assist and encourage young British printmakers in the making and proving of their plates. On the 30th of November 1926 Paul Drury and Graham Sutherland made a journey to Grigg’s home in Chipping Campden where the elder printmaker assisted them in printing their recent etching plates.  Sutherland wrote later, “It was Griggs as an enthusiast and technician from whom perhaps we gained most. A master printer of the copper plate, with infinite knowledge and patience, he had a palm as delicate as gossamer”  [the side of the palm is often used in the final stages of traditional plate wiping techniques]  (Drury, 2006: 58)

During the latter years of his life Griggs was involved in an ongoing battle to save many of the ancient buildings and land (Dover Hill) in the Chipping Camden area from demolition and developers. He spent much of his own funds to preserve a number of buildings of historic importance.  He died during the great depression when print prices in general had fallen and many artists were struggling to make a living. Unfortunately Griggs did not see a resurgence of interest in his marvellous etchings.

Both the Sarras and St Ippolyts etchings relate to each other. The making of each etching overlap in time and both were also made during a very turbulent and stressful period in the artist’s life when he was building his grand home in Chipping Campden. Both etchings are also integrally linked to the visionary imagery that the artist pursued.

In another letter to Alexander Griggs explains, “St Ippolyts is one of the places that pilgrims to Sarras see, & I don’t think it’s very far away. For me it’s in the heart of that lost country- oh God, how lovely it was! There was a wonderful road, difficult to find, it seemed to have no beginning & I, for one never knew the end.”  (Moore, 1999: 200)

 In St Ippolytes Griggs has described the three lambs as symbolic of his three children. It is worth considering that the elderly pilgrim or shepherd with his burden may be a  symbol of the artist on his journey to his visionary Sarras."



griggs st ipp

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Packed Community lunch Wednesday 5th August

IMG 0615 Packed Community Lunch

There was a full house at our monthly community lunch this Wednesday. In total Jane and Jennifer Veasey provided meals for 45 adults and two children, what an unbeliveable job they did especially with so many people turning up. It was suggested that word got around that Jennifer was doing the cooking hence the large number of people enloying such an excellent lunch.

Well done and thank you to everyone who came and helped dish up, wash up, clear up and clean up. Thank you to everyone who supported us. 

IMG 0619 Jane  Jennifer

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Which of our band of mowers do you identify with this cartoon?

Cartoon of Mowers

This cartoon by DAVE WALKER appeared in the 2nd July edition of CHURCH TIMES! We have four church grass mowers Richard, Rod, Gordon and Michael: which one fits which method of mowing. Clearly Rod forgets, goes to the pub, Gordon produces the maze as he is always confused, Richard is well manicured and Michael? Nothing fits!!!

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Revd Ann's Weekly News Sheet, Ninth Sunday after Trinity

150802 Pew Sheet

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Do not forget our Community Lunch on Wednesday 5th August

Do not forget our Community Lunch on Wednesday 5th August at 12:45 where you can enjoy a wonderful lunch and friendly company all for only £3.00 at St Ippolyts parish Hall. Come along and enjoy yourself!

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Archdeacon Jonathan Smith visits St Ippolyts Church.

The Archdeacon's Inspection was this year actually carried out by the Archdeacon. We were blessed with Archdeacon Jonathan Smith the Archdeacon of St Albans visiting our churchwardens Jane and Michael on Friday 31st July to inspect our parish records and documentation. After giving us a clean bill of health he proceeded to inspect the church building itself to make sure we are looking after the church property in a fit manner. We are delighted to report he was pleased with everything he saw though he did spot some ivy starting to climb up the North porch. Jonathan quickly took on the role of gardener and removed the offending plant. 

Inspections are an annual event and in a three year rotation the inspections focus upon, as well as church records, the building, the churchyard and the inventory.

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Sad News - Revd Ann announces that she will be leaving our Benefice to take up a new position!

Notice Read out today 26th July 2015

by Reverend Ann Pollington


Today I have to announce that I will be leaving the benefice of St Ippolyts with Great and Little Wymondley. I have been appointed as Vicar of Cranbrook in Kent in the diocese of Canterbury.


I will be licensed on Tuesday 17th November  to the Parish of St Dunstans, Cranbrook.


 My last Sunday in the Benefice here will probably be 18th October and my farewell service will probably be on Tuesday 20th October.


Please pray for our 5 churchwardens of our Benefice, myself and family and the parish of St Dunstan’s over these next few months.


Thank you.

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Horse Blessing Service, Sunday 9th August at 15:30

Do not forget our annual horse blessing service on Sunday 9th August at 15:30.


Please tell your friends about this unique service and come along to meet the horses (and donkeys!)

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Revd Ann's Weekly News Sheet, Eighth Sunday after Trinity

150726 Pew Sheet

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