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ST. MARY’S GREAT WYMONDLEY News from Cherry Carter


Another new year has begun so let us all hope that it is a better one than the last two.  The days are slowly starting to lengthen which lifts the spirits and brings a chance to get a few more outside tasks done before dark.  The pond needs clearing and water plants cutting back before the frogs and toads arrive to spawn.  We have had days of rain, sunshine and blue skies and then mist and damp chill as I write.  The birds certainly know that Spring is on its way and are in full voice in the mornings and early evenings.  I hope we will have had many different birds visiting the garden for the Big Garden Birdwatch at the end of January.  In the churchyard snowdrops are pushing up through the grass and amongst the dead leaves with some white tips showing.  A joyous sight. 


The Seville Oranges are in the shops already though more expensive than last year.  It must be due to Brexit as they come all the way from Spain!  I have made two double batches so far, that is 12 or 13 jars in each batch so many more to go!  They will be on sale in the church porch soon.

CHURCHYARD CLEARANCE - Saturday 19th February 

Great Wymondley has now received the results from their Churchyard Tree Survey done just before Christmas.  This has highlighted some remedial work to be carried out which needs to be done before Tuesday 1st March because of the nesting birds.  We will have a Churchyard Clearing Session on Saturday 19th February to carry out some of the work.  We will be assisted by the Community Garden Club and as many of the village and indeed Benefice who would like to help.  Times from 9.00am. till 12.00 noon with a break for refreshments.  If you can only spare an hour or so come when you can.  The main jobs will be ring barking ivy on the trees, pulling out ground ivy, wild hop, elder and wild plum saplings, cutting back brambles and grubbing out.  Bring gardening gloves, loppers, secateurs, a pruning saw and a mattock if you have them, trugs, etc. to put cuttings in and if you are local and have one, a wheelbarrow.  There will be cake!

                                                                                      Cherry Carter



We start 2022 in a positive frame of mind in terms of our church restoration work.  It has been a while since we have updated everyone but that does not mean we have been idle!

In the summer last year we concluded that we really needed to raise further funds before work could start, particularly as our own fundraising efforts had been so curtailed over the past two years due to Covid.  We are now pleased to say that after much form filling we have secured grants from Herts. and Beds. Historic Churches Trust, All Churches Trust, St. Albans Diocese, Laing Foundation and the Francis Coales Charitable Foundation.  This has brought us additional funds of around £25,000 for which we are incredibly grateful.

This has enabled us to give instructions to contractors to commence work to the floor though be aware we have to wait some weeks before they can start.  We will keep you updated on progress over the next few months.

                                                                                           Paul Harding

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