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 As you will have seen in last month’s PAX, we are once again supporting the Link to Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal. In these times, this is a project that has become even more vital than it was before. To quote from a recent communication I received from Link to Hope: ‘These are very challenging times we are all going through at the moment. No-one could have predicted what was going to happen. In order to keep ourselves sane, as a charity we have chosen to focus on those families who, after a terrible year, will be even more pleased and grateful to receive a shoebox. Presently in Eastern Europe they are going through some very tough times. Imagine how we would feel in this same situation without heat, wood, food or medicine to ease the burden.’ This year Link to Hope have come up with four different ways that we can help: 1. Fill a shoebox in the usual way. 2. They will fill a shoebox on your behalf. 3. Donate money directly to their appeal. 4. Donate items for shoeboxes in bulk. If you can possibly help in any of the above ways, that would be fantastic. For full details of how to do this see last month’s PAX (or ring Christine and Arthur Sibun on 01462-459145 for more information). And remember, if you would like us to return your completed shoebox along with ours, can you please ensure that it will be with Christine and Arthur well before Monday 2nd November? (Or just give us a ring before that date and we will pick it up from you).

Thank you in anticipation. Arthur Sibun

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