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This week we welcome to our Benefice

The Revd Adrian Hinksman

The Revd Don Dowling

The Revd Ian Friars

Pauline Sadler


Thank you all for helping out during our vacancy

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We are delighted to announce that we are going to have a new vicar- Official and Unofficial Announcement!

Official Announcement-

We are pleased to announce that the Reverend Virginia Dear (Ginni), currently Assistant Curate in the Hertford Team Ministry, based at All Saints Church, Hertford, has been appointed as Vicar of the Benefice of St Ippolyts with Great and Little Wymondley.  This is subject to the completion of legal formalities and when those matters have been completed we will be able to announce the date of the Institution.

Please remember Ginni in your prayers.

Unofficial announcement -

We are absolutely delighted that Ginni is coming to our Benefice to be our new vicar. Ginni will be a great loss to All Saints Church Hertford and we pray that they quickly find somebody to take her place. 

Looking after our Benefice is not an easy role but she will have our love and support. We are really looking forward to her ministry. 

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Weekly Pew Sheet - Fifth Sunday of Lent 13th March 2016

160313 Pew Sheet

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The Benefice of St Ippolyts with Great and Little Wymondley - New Vicar

The name of our new vicar will announced at 09:30 on Sunday 13th March 2016 at the beginning of our Sunday Service.

If you want to be the first to hear the good news make sure that you are there!!!

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Mrs Andrews receives gift from the "the Friends of St Ippolyts Church"

Frani Williams has presented Mrs Andrews with a delightful picture showing the interior of St Ippolyts Church painted by Arthur Sibun. Mrs Andrews was absolutely delighted with her picture and has already found an appropriate place on her wall for it to be displayed. Frani payed tribute to the 65 years that Mrs Andrews has been cleaning our church and how her hard work is sorely missed.

160311 Mrs Andrews with Friends picture




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St Ippolyts Church Annual Parochial Church Meeting

The Annual Parishioners' Meeting (to elect the 2 Churchwardens) and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) of the Parish of St Ippolyts will be held in the St Ippolyts Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 7 April and everyone who is on the St Ippolyts Church Electoral Roll is encouraged to attend.  The meeting is the Parish Church’s AGM and there will be a review of 2015 with reports from the Churchwardens, Treasurer, and the School, as well as the election of members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and the appointment of sidesmen and independent financial examiners.  To make the event even more enjoyable, wine, soft drinks and nibbles will be available.

      The Church Electoral Roll has to be confirmed and finalized 15 days before the APCM, so before then please check the Roll, which is in a file at the rear of the Church, to see whether you are registered; if not, complete one of the forms available in that file and hand it to Nicholas Watson, the Electoral Roll Officer, or a Churchwarden.

      We are looking for new members of the PCC: if you are interested in playing a key role in the future of our church, please consider putting yourself forward for election - it is not a particularly onerous task.  This will be a good time to join, as new PCC members and a new vicar should bring fresh ideas for our church.

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This week we welcome to our Benefice -

This week we welcome to our Benefice -

The Benefice

The three candidates for the post of our Benefice Vicar

Bishop Michael of Hertford

St Ippolyts

11:00 Wednesday 9th March - CW Holy Communion - The Revd Elizabeth Bunker

09:30 Sunday 13th March - CW Holy Communion - The Revd Ian Friars

18:30 Sunday 13th March - Evensong - Howell Davies


Great Wymondley

09:30 Sunday 13th March - CW Holy Communion - The Revd Tom Purchas


and of course let us not forget Louise Conway who will bw taking the toddlers service at St Ippolyts on Friday at 10:00.

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On Wednesday 9th Wednesday there will be a programme of visits by and interviews of the three candidates short-listed for the post of vicar of our Benefice. Please continue to pray for our Benefice churchwardens and the external members of the selection panel including Bishop Michael of Hertford - and of course the three applicants.

On behalf of the three PCCs we welcome and wish all the three candidates our best wishes for a successful day.

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Lent Lunch Wednesday 9th March 2016


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Weekly Pew Sheet, Mothering Sunday, 6th March 2016

160306 Pew Sheet

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Can you solve a mystery?

When Barbara Thomas was in hospital, a Nativity Crib set was left at her home and she would dearly love to know who left it. If anyone can shed a light on this, please give Barbara a ring on Hitchin 421647

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Lent Lunch. this Wednesday at 12:45

Do not forget Lent Lunch of Soup and a splendid chunk of crusty bread at St Ippoltys Parish Hall at 12:45 this Wednesday 2nd March.

Everyone welcome to enjoy this tasty offering and a good natter!

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This week we welcome to our churches.

St Ippolyts

Wednesday 2nd March 11:00 Holy Communion - The Revd Dr Jane Mainwaring

Sunday 6th March 08:00 BCP Holy Communion - The Revd Austin Smith

Sunday 6th March 09:30 Parish Praise - Andrea Charsley


Great Wymondley 

Friday 4th March 14:00 Women's World Day of Prayer Service - The Revd Dr Jane Mainwaring


Little Wymondley

Sunday 6th March 09:30 CW Holy Communion - The Revd Adrian Hinksman


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Weekly Pew Sheet, The Third Sunday in Lent, 28th February 2016

160228 Pew Sheet

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Advertisement for a new vicar added to this web site

An advertisement for a new vicar has been added to this web site in the 'About" section under Parish Profile.


Vicar for the Benefice of St Ippolyts with Great and Little Wymondley


Together the three parishes form the attractive green cushion between Hitchin, Stevenage and Letchworth Garden City. Though close to these centres, this is a semi-rural benefice with a strong feeling of community. The joint PCCs look forward to welcoming a new vicar to our Benefice.

We are looking for someone who can -

  • Lead us joyfully, thoughtfully and wisely into our future worship and community life.
  • Engage, stimulate, teach, challenge and work within a framework of central churchmanship.
  • Build upon our foundation to widen our age profile and attract and maintain the interest of young people in our churches.

We offer our support, commitment and hard work, plus well established teams that work well together.

A modern 4 bedroomed vicarage is located in the village of St Ippolyts and there are excellent schools in the area together with good transport links to London.

The Parish Profile can be found at:

For application details please contact the Archdeacon of St Albans Office at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel: 01727 818126.

Appointment to this position is subject to satisfactory enhanced disclosure via the Disclosure and Barring Service.

The closing date for applications is Friday 12th February 2016 with interviews on 9th March 2016.

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Poem from todays Sermon by Revd Austin Smith

Revd Austin Smith discussed George Herbert's poem, H. Baptisme (I). It is well worth reading.

160110 George Herberts Poem H Baptisme

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St Ippolyts Church Springcleaning


Following the installation of new lighting it has been decided to give the church a jolly good spring clean especially to remove thoise out of reach cob webs

A high level cleaning will take place Thursday 21st January at 19:30 and a general clean at ground level on Friday 22nd January at 12:00 noon.

Many hands make light work so all are welcome!

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This week we welcome to our benefice churches

This week during our benefice vacancy we welcome the following clergy


Revd Adrian Hinksman

Revd Austin Smith

Revd Dr Jane Mainwaring

rvd Elizabeth Bunker

Jeni Mc Quiad


Thank you to you all for helping and supporting us this weekend

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Weekly Pew Sheet - Epiphany

160103 Pew Sheet

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St Ippolyts Church Christmas Quiz 2015 - The Answers

Thank you to everyone who purchased a quiz sheet this year, I hope you all enjoyed the challenge.


The winner this year was Phil Byford from Waterdell Lane with Malcolm Parker, last years winner, as runner up. Clearly they both have warped minds like the setter!  Phil had every answer correct and Malcolm had one incorrect


The answers are shown below.


1 An Idle girl goes round and round. Lazy Susan (4,5)
2 Colin and Eric lost their last two with holes in. Colander (8)
3 The confused car less prig ponged when squeezed.  Garlic Press (6,5)
4 Edward had these hands! Scissors (8)
5 Harry Potter on his broomstick? Fly swat (3,4)
6 A crispy boiler. Kettle (6)
7 This kind of potato is not pealed in front of the TV. Couch (5)
8 Fifteen on a dead man’s one. Chest (5)
9 A formation of coaches. Rake (4)
10 Brothel suit was no longer needed so it was altered to be used as a cleaner. Toilet Brush (6,5)
11 Garden timepiece. Sun dial (3,4)
12 Now that is an antique! Whatnot (7)
13 The surfer does not want one of these. Microwave (9)
14 An illegal hunter. Poacher (7)
15 Not a cash box Bread Bin (5,3)
16 This old war horse fires up the tablet Charger (7)
17 A broken metal cap stops any marks Place mat (5,3)
18 Truce made by a set. Cruet (5)
19 Leave hastily and eventually find the flower garden to drop off. Bunk Bed (4,3)
20 Small cutter in the garden. Strimmer (8)
21 Margaret hangs out the washing Peg (3)
22 He drinks everyone’s health. Toaster (7)
23 Sounds as if it is bigger. Grater (6)
24 Needs tofu to cook in this. Fondue set (6,3)
25 Does this carry volumes? Bookcase (8)
26 A censor cut this throw about lounge item. Scatter Cushion (7,7)
27 Town with a wonky spire is a cosy place to be. Chesterfield (12)
28 I with dope though without ecstasy listened to it. Ipod (4)
29 Henrys old enemies started to tidy the garden Hoe (3)
30 Where cuttings turn to earth. Compost bin (7,3)
31 Nothing to pay to look into this container. Freeview box (8,3)
32 Even the meekest doctor could make a fire alarm. Smoke detector (5,8)
33 Does this cute “babe” separate a nut and bolt and then clean up. Dish washer (4,6)
34 Cooking with the first of Victor’s edible nuts! Oven (4)
35 Just put your feet up on the Turk. Ottoman (7)
36 Certainly not a short lass! Tall boy (4,3)
37 Some people even claim they have seen a flying one! Saucer (6)
38 Small implement to sit on. Stool (5)
39 Cannot impose rubbish by fire. Companion set (9,3)
40 Does one go from this hot place to one that is even hotter? Frying pan (6,3)
41 Ron urged Graham to start to cover the floor. Rug (3)
42 Discard the first man in. Can opener (3,6)
43 Could be temple above the window. Pelmet (6)
44 Cannot hear a sound in this container. Vacuum Flask (6,5)
45 A garden tool without the start of rain wipes dry Towel (5)
46 Left paper. Mirror (6)
47 Sounds like Major’s wife was an American one…… Tap (3)
48 …. and a Major once headed this. Cabinet (7)
49 Dunn’s face? Grandfather Clock (11,5)
50 Start some old ford and sit down in it. Sofa (4)
51 This best friend followed his transport Carpet (6)
52 63 years of Agatha’s! Mousetrap (9)
53 …. and that’s confusing to hang something on! Hat Stand (3,5)
54 Red Harry and I made a blower. Hair dryer (4,5)
55 Brunel’s hat is in the kitchen. Stove (5)
56 Poor seersucker is not very good for keeping the lid on it. Pressure Cooker (8,6)
57 Befuddled Tories rise to cook the joint. Rotisserie (10)
58 You would never find poor claret inside. Percolator (10)
59 Goose grass. Cleaver (7)
60 Is it all over? Curtains (8)
61 Once a ride at Alton Towers. Corkscrew (9)
62 One might get a wet beard if you puncture this. Water Bed (5,3)
63 Those sitting at this too long suffer poked rectums!! Computer desk (8,4)
64 The lad leant to pick it up. Ladle (5)
65 These Eastern European and Asian birds are common at Christmas. Nutcrackers (11)
66 Richard Hearne and Basil. Pastry Brush (6,5)
67 Drink stretcher. Wine Rack (4,4)
68 Sets of notes to weigh. Scales (6)
69 Kind of memory that forgets everything. Sieve (5)
70 Paul sat and produced a blade. Spatula (7)
71 Why leaving the scotch causes a froth! Whisk (5)
72 Madonna and new bed. Divan (5)
73 You will not win this if you solve this quiz. Wooden spoon (6,5)
74 Dug with one of four in the pack. Spade (5)
75 Three in a home. Nest of Tables (4,2,6)
76 His awful puns highlighted a cutting edge. Saw (3)
77 A Celtic valet carried the crockery. Welsh dresser (5,7)
78 Robin cleaned up here. Bird bath (4,4)
79 Caxton was one. Printer (7)
80 A lamb trundles around and could be dripping wet. Umbrella Stand (8,5)
81 Hang about, receive a ring and then clean up. Hoover (6)
82 Shoot the sentry Fire Guard (4,5)
83 A copper found in the kitchen Peeler (6)
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