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Weekly Pew Sheet - Third Sunday after advent - 6th November 2016


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Weekly Pew Sheet, All Saints Day, 30th October 2016.


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Life in Triplicate by Revd Ginni


This month has been something of a learning curve for me and one of the things I have learned is that, when you have three churches and parishes to look after, there are times when everything happens in triplicate!!  I am writing this following my third Harvest Festival of the month, each of which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  However if you add that to the three Care Home Services all with a Harvest theme and the many repetitions of ‘We Plough the Fields and Scatter’, the words of which I am now so familiar with that I could sing them in my sleep, you may understand why I’m glad it’s all over!!  I can only imagine what Christmas in triplicate will look like!!

The Picnic on the Green at Great Wymondley and the Harvest Lunch at

St. Ippolyts were both great events and it was good to be able to chat with so many people I hadn’t had a chance to meet before.  My thanks go to all of you who worked so hard to arrange and cater for these events - and clear up afterwards!  Special thanks go to those at St. Ippolyts who gathered up and distributed the massive haul of harvest offerings that the school children brought in at their Harvest Festival Service.  The non-perishable produce went to the local Food Bank which I know they will be grateful for, so thank you all for your generosity.

Another thing I have learned is that whilst I have come to terms with the fact that I was last in the queue when God handed out singing voices, there really is no truth in the saying ‘practise makes perfect’ as the dear residents of the local care homes will testify!!!  Rosemary Stratton from Little Wymondley stoically agreed to accompany me on my visits to Wymondley, Sloe Hill and Gosmore Care Homes in the attempt to bring some harmony to my singing but I rather feel that she has bitten off more than she can chew - have a read of her article to find out more!!  Our exploits in the care homes, whilst hilarious, have made me question how much longer

I can torture my parishioners before taking action so I have a cunning plan!

Can you sing?  I am looking for relatively willing volunteers who would like to join an informal singing group, the more the merrier, with a view to occasionally joining me on my visits to care homes and other events which happen around the benefice.  I’m not looking to ask for a heavy or even regular commitment from anyone but if we could get a group of people who love singing together from across the benefice then not only would our care home residents benefit but it would also be a great way for us all to get to know each other and have fun.  Interested? me!!!

With love - Ginni

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Weekly Pew Sheet, Bible Sunday, 23rd October 2016


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9th October 2016 - Twentieth Sunday after Trinity


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