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SSSSSSSSSh - Its Easter! from Revd Ann

SSSSSSSSSSSShhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shall I tell you something? There’s to be an election next month? Oh did you already know?

 Like me no doubt, you have become a little tired of the same old subjects being talked about over and over again, promises, promises, all we have to do is vote on the big judgement day and everything will be just as we would like it to be.

Well maybe not, but even so I do hope you will use your democratic right and place a cross against someone’s name on 7th May. For if you don’t vote you will have no good reason to complain about the next government! Enough of my election soapbox.

This month of April begins with the wonderful days from Maundy Thursday to Easter Day, when once again we hear the same old subjects being talked about, Jesus washing his disciples feet, to show he came to serve others, Jesus sharing bread and wine with his friends and leaving us with a lasting memorial that week by week is re-presented in churches throughout the world, and Jesus having a cross placed against him and dying for you and me so that when the great Judgement day comes everything will be just as God would like it to be.

At our Easter Eve service in St Mary’s Great Wymondley the exclamation will be made;     

                                                                     ‘Alleluia Christ is risen!’ and everyone will reply ‘He is risen indeed, Alleluia!’   


The words have been said and sung over and over again at so many Easter Services but unlike election manifestos and party politics, the words ‘Alleluia Christ is risen!’ are words I never tire of hearing. God’s promise has been kept, love has conquered even death itself.

This time of year sees us busy in our gardens, the birds sing out, the hedges and trees come into leaf and the sound of the lawnmower is heard! Oh to be in England on a lovely spring day. Some of you will know that every Sunday afternoon I sit down and listen to gardener’s question time. Again and again the same subjects come up, the seed packets promise us success everytime, but we of course know differently. And how do you deal with slugs, expensive copper bands on the ornamental pots, grit around the hostas or special ‘slug pubs buried in the ground.  No, what they need is one of my ‘girlies’, there’s a whole new meaning to a hen party. Maybe that’s one party I would vote for!

I like to think my ‘girlies’ know the true meaning of Easter, their eggsclamation everyday, if we could just translate it, is I am sure, ‘Alleluia Christ is risen! (the vicar’s woken up and our food is on it’s way’).

I hope you will join in theirs and my song this Easter, at one of our churches, for as St Augustine sung all those years ago ‘We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song’.

Much love

Reverend Ann

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