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As a boy in the early 50’s I had my heroes.  Roger Bannister who ran the world's first 4 minute mile.  The

soccer players Stanley Matthews and Nat Lofthouse;  many years later I visited the latter's mother in the care home near Bolton where she resided.  Two cricketing heroes - one was the dashing Keith Miller - heretical because he was an Australian and the rivalry over the Ashes was intense.  Above all, Tom Graveney of my beloved Gloucestershire;  I once cycled to Cheltenham to watch him bat but he only made two runs.  Funny having such heroes when I hated soccer and was totally useless at sport.....

These days I have four Bible heroes and being me they are probably unusual.  First there is Elijah, seemingly

the first recorded sufferer from manic depression.  Look at his antics at Mount Carmel as he taunts the prophets of Baal.  First bringing down fire from heaven, then after massacring them, outrunning King Ahab's chariot to Jezreel, a feat that would leave modern day marathon runners far behind.  Then sinking into a deep depression as he realises that he has seemingly achieved nothing and Jezebel was after him with malicious intent.  The second hero is Job, another sufferer from depression albeit a different type.  He was a huge influence on me when I suffered from the same condition after having to retire early;  the final chapters of his book about

human suffering are among the most wonderful in all literature.

Then in the New Testament two of the disciples.  First there is Andrew, Peter's kid brother.  The approachable open minded disciple who never seemed to object to being the only one of the four fishermen (the other two being James and John) who was not in Jesus' closest circle, and who was quite happy being in Peter's shadow. Above all, Thomas.  His 'day' falls in July and while I doubt if it will be marked extravagantly in the parish the least I can do is to make him the topic of my column this month.

'Unless I see in His hands the print of the nails and place my finger in the print of the nails and place my hand into His side I will not believe'.  I always want to change one word of that - 'I CANNOT believe' rather than

'I WILL not believe'.  He desperately wanted to believe that Christ was alive and we find Christ being very sensitive to this.  Far from being Doubting Thomas he was in fact among the most loyal and bravest of all Christ's disciples as we see in other references to him in the gospels.

Searching Thomas rather than Doubting Thomas.  He wanted proof in the way that Job wanted answers.

That is what unites my two greatest Bible heroes.  The trouble is that Christianity is not like that because

religion is about faith rather than proof.  That may be one of many reasons why it is so out of fashion in a

world where everything has to add up.  We want God to be tidy and that is not how God is - because tidiness

is a human concept and God is above that.

I embrace the idea of an untidy God, one who does not provide easy answers and cannot be categorized.

I admire and respect those who have a secure and stable faith.  But to me the Christian life is a pilgrimage into God, an eternal search for God.  It is not stable, it does not conform to what Thomas aspired to having.  God

by His very nature is mysterious and we must allow Him to be.  Thomas had the courage to ask questions;  that is why he is my greatest hero and why I seek to be like him.  Asking questions of God is not wrong, doubt is not wrong.  Questions are part of the search for God that we should all have, part of the Christian pilgrimage.

Very best wishes, Paul







8.00am.          Holy Communion (BCP)                                St. Ippolyts 

9.15am.          Family Holy Communion                               St. Mary’s Great Wymondley

Outside in the Churchyard

(bring a chair and a mug for refreshments)

We will be in the Village Hall if it rains.


9.15am.          Holy Communion                                           St. Ippolyts


9.15am.          Holy Communion                                           Little Wymondley

6.30pm.          Evensong                                                         St. Ippolyts


9.15am.          Holy Communion                                           St. Ippolyts



8.00am.          Holy Communion (BCP)                                St. Ippolyts 

9.15am.          Family Holy Communion or Parish Praise      Great Wymondley

(exact location to be confirmed)


9.15am.          Holy Communion                                           St. Ippolyts


9.15am.          Holy Communion                                           Little Wymondley

3.00pm.          Horse Blessing Service                                     St. Ippolyts Churchyard

6.30pm.          Evensong                                                         St. Ippolyts


9.15am.          Holy Communion                                           St. Ippolyts


9.15am.          Holy Communion                                           St. Ippolyts


Please do keep checking the St. Ippolyts Church website for updates to the services or sign up for our

weekly email (just let Reverend Ginni know) as we may need to change services in line with current

Covid regulations.



The Bible Study Group will be taking a break until September.  Our next meetings will be on Wednesdays

8th and 22nd September.  For further information please contact Margaret Edmonds (01462-452340) or 

Clare Larsen (01462-453541).

                                                                                                                                          Clare Larsen






For the past several years Roger, a retired fire-fighter, and two of his colleagues, have kept our churchyard beautifully maintained.  They have cut the grass, trimmed around the headstones, built compost bins and sorted out the hedges.  They have given their time and energy but now feel it is time to step down.  We owe them much gratitude for their service and on behalf of us all thank them very much, we really appreciate all they have done.

I can remember being in the church when Roger walked in, he had been helping a community project maintain a footpath nearby, and had wandered over to have a look.  He admired our lovely rural setting and offered his services to come and help with the grass cutting.  This was the answer to our prayers, as the grass had really got out of control and was looking in a sorry state.

We wish Roger a very happy second retirement and hope it doesn’t involve too much grass mowing.

We are very fortunate that Arbor Care, a local company, have stepped up to help us, again a blessing, especially now in the middle of the mowing season.  They will cut the grass in the main areas but we still need some help with trimming round headstones and maintaining the small flower beds.  If anyone feels they can come and spend a little time working in this peaceful, beautiful setting, we would be pleased to welcome you.  It doesn’t have to be a regular commitment, just when your time allows.  Thank you very much.  


Before I mention the ducks I feel it is newsworthy to report that I heard a Cuckoo, on Monday 31st May.

That will be the first time in many a year.  We used to have quite a few around us but they have gradually dwindled in number, but this one was calling away so hopefully they will be back next year.

Our two ducks have hatched, the first emerged with fifteen ducklings early one Sunday morning.  We were

able to assist safe passage to the pond by rescuing the last few that got tangled up in bluebells and falling behind mum.  The second marched her clutch down the garden.  How she got them out of the nest, which was in a plant container, I don’t know, but they all managed and must be several weeks old by now.  Tony feeds them twice daily and checks the register to make sure they are all present and correct.  I think these weather conditions are suiting them well, they appear to be thriving, and they give a lot of pleasure to all who pass by.

                                                                                                                                          Rosemary Stratton



Wymondley Parish Council has now returned to face-to-face meetings at Wymondley JMI School.  The next two meetings will take place on Monday 19th July (hopefully Freedom Day) and Monday 6th September.

Meetings will start promptly at 7.30pm.  Members of the public and press are very welcome to attend and

should ensure they arrive at least 5 minutes before the start time.  They will need to wear a face mask whilst in the school hall (unless a medical exemption applies) and should bring hand sanitiser.  Contact details will need to be provided to the Clerk to enable NHS contact tracing if necessary.  They should not attend if they have any COVID-19 symptoms on the day.

Sharon Long

Clerk to Wymondley Parish Council

Phone:  07733-853263

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





The service in the Community Garden on the first Sunday in June was blessed with fine weather and a good gathering of people.  As it was outside we were able to sing hymns and gather afterwards for refreshments. Thank you to everyone who came.

Photo x 1

The Fruit Harvest is just beginning, and we have been busy netting much of it to protect it from the birds, starting with currants and strawberries.  Just as well as we have very little jam left to sell in the Church Porch,

so production is under way!  

More plans are under way for restoration work starting in the church later on this summer and hopefully 

there will be more news and details soon.  It will be so good to have the church open again.

More strange weather in June and we even lit the wood burner a couple of times as it was chilly and there was washing to dry.  The churchyard grass was so long and lush it has been difficult to cut and looks rather ragged with the torrential rain beating down the long grass that edges the paths.  We have been strimming and raking and mowing the paths through. 

The churchyard has a pyramidal orchid again but still only one which we have had to put a guard round so the rabbits don’t eat it.  The Community Orchard has numerous Bee Orchids again which we hope will continue to spread. The weeds on the allotments and in our garden are growing taller almost as you look at them.  At least this white-tailed bumble bee appreciates the flowers of ground elder, something that most gardeners don’t! IMG 5538IMG 5543IMG 7207 1

It is however edible and was used in the Middle Ages as a medicinal herb to cure gout, hence its alternative name Goutweed.  The leaves can be eaten as a salad, made into soup or cooked in butter like spinach which has a nutty flavour and contains high amounts of vitamin C.  They are best eaten in the Spring before the plant flowers as it then becomes a mild laxative, a diuretic and a soporific!

Photos x 3

                                                                                                                                                Cherry Carter




Recently I've been looking at photo albums from past years and they certainly bring back so many memories. Twenty-nine years ago, in the year 1992, we went to Israel for a holiday and it is so good to look back at that unforgettable time - and see especially how memorable was Jerusalem.  Of course, as well as photos, we brought back memorabilia and I have pictures and plates, etc. as well as a small gold plaque with the word 'Shalom'.

'Shalom' - is God's special peace and very precious.  As we all know, peace isn't merely the absence of conflict,

it is the presence of God's wholeness.  We all need this Shalom and it is only found in Christ and His Spirit.

That is why the apostle Paul pointed the Galatians to the Holy Spirit's transforming work.  It is the Holy Spirit in our lives that will generate His fruit which includes, love, joy, peace, patience, etc.  He gives us that vital element of true enduring peace, even when things are very difficult.

But as we bring our needs and concerns to our Heavenly Father, this will bring us 'the peace of God which passes all understanding'.  The peace which will guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus.

(Philippians 4:v7).  What a blessing we can know this peace in these days, indeed, ever since March 2020 when the coronavirus hit us.  Now things are getting easier we still have to be careful and keep to the guidelines but we are forever thankful for the vaccine.  We hope to be back in the Chapel Hall for 'It's Monday' one day and we will announce it as soon as we are able.  Meanwhile our Church programme continues on zoom, or sometimes in the open air or in gardens and the Chapel is open for Sunday services.

For those who wish to attend, please book on the church email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the church phone 07531-081621 when the usual guidelines will apply.  If you are joining from your home on zoom, dial in at 10.30am. for a 10.45am. start on 01314-601196 or 02030-512874.  Please use the link https/ or download the zoom app. and join using ID8675752648.  You will be very welcome.  Any problems phone 07531-081621.

‘First Tuesday’ for Coffee and Chat from 10.30am. has been on zoom but hopefully we will meet up with Will and Lynne Andrews in an outside venue on Tuesday 6th July.

Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm. is the time when we pray for our community, our loved ones, our neighbours, our country and our Queen.  We keep our Missionaries both here and abroad in our prayers and we pray for our Government in all its decisions.  Our hearts and prayers are with all who are poorly and all who have been bereaved and are missing loved ones and we continue to pray for the NHS.

The Community Bible Study group has been meeting on zoom on the second and fourth Wednesdays and after the August break will restart on Wednesday 8th September.

Bible Study Groups have also been held on Wednesday at 7.30pm. and Friday at 11.00am. (both fortnightly).

'Oasis' the time of Refreshment has also been held on zoom.  This monthly meeting has been blessed with some good speakers.  So we are thankful that things have continued, albeit rather differently from how it was before March 2020.

Speakers on Sundays in July at 10.45am.

4th        Will Andrews (Church Picnic Day)

11th      Mike Kershaw

18th      Phil Jackson

25th      Sir Les Ebdon

and in August......

1st        Thanksgiving Day (Craig Bacon)

8th        Judith Nugent

15th      Clive Bacon

22nd     Ian Merrick

29th      Doug Richardson

Jesus said:  'Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.'

John 14:v27.

Marjorie McCarley  (01438-727050)




Saturday 21st to Saturday 28th August 2021 (inclusive) - Terms and Conditions of Entry


1.    The Scarecrow Festival is open to all residents and businesses of Wymondley Parish.

2.    All entrants to be included on the interactive map must be over the age of 18 or permission given for

       the entry by a person of 18 years old on the day of entry. 

3.    Any entrants that apply will automatically be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions. 

4.    No purchase by the entrant is required to enter this event. 

5.    An entry comprises of a completed form available on the Parish Council’s website or by email from

       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  This form allows your details to be used on our interactive map

       so that the community can find your scarecrows over the allotted time. 

6.    By submitting the entry, you agree to:

       a.  Comply with the terms and conditions of Facebook and Wymondley Parish Council including, 

            but not limited to, the terms of service, community standards and rules of service.

       b.  You undertake that it is your original work and does not breach any copyright. 

7.    By submitting the entry, you give the Parish Council the following authority:

        a.  Permission for your entry to be submitted on the Council’s Facebook page and website as well as

             printed and online publications, e.g. the Parish Newsletter and Annual Report.

       b.   You grant the use of the image to the Council, copyright free.

       c.   Your name or username can be used along with your submission if included on the form. 

8.    There is no prize for this event, this event is for the purpose of celebrating the Wymondley Community. 

9.    We ask that all scarecrows are placed outside from 21st to 28th August 2021 (inclusive) so that people are

       able to find them around the parish.

10.   Scarecrows may not be placed in a public space unless permission has been given by the landowner.

        If you would like to make a scarecrow but are unable to place it in a safe location, please contact

        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who may be able to assist in placement for the duration of the


11.  The Council do not take any responsibility for any damage made to displays or other actions completed

        by the public that may cause upset or financial loss to the persons/business that makes the submission. 

12.  Where possible please do use recycled material and do not use items that could be donated to a charity. 

13.  Scarecrows can be of any size

To ensure inclusion on the map you will need to register your entry before Saturday 31st July.

An interactive map showing all the entries will be available on the Wymondley Parish Council website so that residents will be free to wander on dates and times of their choice

between 21st and 28th August.

                                                                                                            Sharon Long

                                                                                                            Clerk to Wymondley Parish Council





ANNE SCOTT - 23.2.25 - 9.5.21

Our mum - Anne Scott, was born in 1925 and had what she said was an idyllic childhood, growing up in the countryside in Scotland and Cumbria, loving the outdoor life - a childhood full of fun and adventure.

Following the outbreak of war in 1939, her entire school was evacuated to Canada from 1940 to 1943, for

fear of an imminent German invasion.  Here she had more adventures and loved the opportunities being there offered her - lots more fun and outdoor explorations and she experienced great kindness and hospitality.  She often said she felt guilty about not missing Cumbria and her parents more!

She returned to spend three happy years at Durham University.  While at home in Kirkby Lonsdale with her parents, when she should have been studying, she was persuaded by the Vicar’s daughter to come out one afternoon to have tea and play cards - mum declined first of all, but the promise of some new young men in

the village was enough for her to put her books away for a while.  Our Dad, David, was spending time there

recuperating and retraining after being shot and wounded and so, that’s how it started - a partnership which

was to last over 70 years until dad’s death in 2017. 

Mum was always busy - while dad was working as a barrister, she raised the four of us, but also threw herself into projects, particularly once we had moved to St. Ippolyts from London in 1962.  Along with her pals in

the area, she set up and ran ‘Swap Shop’ which provided clothing for us and much of the surrounding area at bargain prices, while raising funds for various causes.  She supported St. Ippolyts Church and Village Hall,

was a St. Ippolyts school governor, helped with Meals on Wheels, did collections for the local branch of the RNLI , knitted numerous chicks for the Garden House Hospice, made hundreds if not thousands of Christmas puddings as part of her fundraising efforts, and had a busy social life to boot.  She also worked part-time as a supervisor of what was then the Family Planning Clinic in Hitchin, believing strongly that the clinic should

be a place where women and girls should feel welcome and safe. 

Our house in Little Almshoe and their next house on Benslow Lane, Hitchin, where they moved in 1994, were places where the door was always open to visitors and travellers.  Some came for a short visit and ended up staying for years!  Mum and Dad were both very welcoming and inclusive.  Mum in particular loved meeting people and was very tolerant of the many friends we brought home over the years.  Some people turned up on the doorstep who were hardly known to us - but if we met people on our travels we would tell them to get in touch if they were ever in the area, knowing there would always be a bed for them if they needed it.

Although mum and dad left St. Ippolyts 27 years ago, they remained very strongly connected, supporting

events there and always interested in what was going on. 

Mum’s last few years were difficult for her, as dementia sapped her memories and she became more confused, her mobility and ability to do things for herself declined and Covid meant that she saw less of her friends and family.  We are so grateful for the support she and we as a family, received from people from St. Ippolyts during this time - her friends and the community which were so important to her and our Dad.

Her funeral on Wednesday 16th June was such a special day of celebration.  There were clear blue skies and

sun, the Church was as full as it could have been given the restrictions and there were many family, friends

and mum’s carers there to share the memories. 

We would all like to thank you so much for the lovely cards and letters we have received - they were all

very much appreciated.

                                                                                                                                                Dinah Scott





At the June meeting Daryl Hayler, Louisa Knapp, Jane Lintott, and Jon Marsh were co-opted as councillors

and we look forward to working with them as part of the team in the future.

The next meeting will take place on Monday 12th July at 7.30pm. in St. Ippolyts Parish Hall.  A copy of the agenda will be displayed on the notice boards and on website:

There is always an Agenda item for Public Participation where residents can ask questions and raise issues. Please contact Susan Mears on 01462-421409 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There will not be a meeting in August.

                                                                                                                                                Pam Skeggs



From Monday 21st June, there was a 4-week pause at Step 3 of the roadmap.  After 2 weeks, the government

will review the data to see if the risks have reduced.  It is expected that England will move to Step 4 on 

Monday 19th July.  By following the mantra of hands, face, space, we can all keep ourselves and others safe.

For enquiries, please contact Sam Kelly, Bookings Secretary, on 01462-423291 or

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit website

Diary dates:

Management Meeting              Wednesday 29th September 2021 at 6.00pm.

Christmas Fair and Raffle         Saturday 27th November 2021 from 2.00pm. to 4.30pm.

AGM                                       Tuesday 22nd March 2022 at 6.00pm.

                                                                                                                                                    Pam Skeggs




On Sunday 30th May an impromptu plant sale was held at St. Ippolyts Church after the morning service.

Thank you to all who supported the event which raised £116 for church funds.

                                                                                                                                            Mary Hooper


A massive ‘thank you’ to all of you who donated or came (and donated!) to our Plant Sale on Thursday

10th June.  We raised an incredible £372.40!  Thank you all so much.  So many charities have been struggling during these last few months and people in developing countries are having an even harder time of things than we are, so we feel it is even more important to help them to a better life.

We are so fortunate in this country with what we are able to access, even if sometimes we feel we are being restricted.  So many people in poorer countries are relying on help from richer nations and Send a Cow provides really targeted help mostly to women, plus the education and on-going assistance needed to continue to improve their lives.

Thank you again.

Audrey and John Burr





Funeral          16th June:         Anne Scott


100 CLUB

The winners for May were:

No. 69                         Joy Cooper                  £20

No. 45             Shelagh Cox                £15

No. 56                         Carolyn Marsh                        £10

And the winners for June were:

No: 21             Frank Harding             £50

No: 30                         Margaret Dines            £30

No: 177           Audrey Burr                £20

No: 33                         Carole Zimmern          £20

No: 12                         Doreen Smith              £10

                                                                                                                                                   Shelagh Cox



Material for the SEPTEMBER issue of Pax should reach Clare Larsen, 24 Ninesprings Way, Hitchin SG4 9NN (tel. 01462-453541 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by Sunday 15th August, please.  Or given to Rosemary Stratton by Thursday 12thAugust. 



Photographs from Great Wymondley
Heroes, a thought from Revd Paul