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Saturday 4th December - Sunday 5th December - 11.00am. - 5.00pm.

We are very much looking forward to having our wonderful Nativity Crib Festival back in the Church this Christmas (all other things being equal).

Last year we realised very early on that our beautiful medieval church with its narrow spaces between the pews was not going to allow social distancing.  We decided to hold a Virtual Crib Festival instead so that everyone could still enjoy this amazing event which marks the start of Christmas in St. Ippolyts and beyond.

We managed to conquer the complexities of scheduling on Facebook and discovered how difficult it is to take a good photo.  We posted several cribs and their "stories" each day during advent (over 80 in total) to create a wonderful on line event that reached over 20000 people from as far afield as India, Vietnam and New Zealand.

It will be fabulous to be back in the church this year with,

hopefully, more cribs than ever to see (we had 200 in 2019).

Entry is £3, children are free.  Sadly we have decided that it would

be safer not to sell refreshments this year.  However, we will be having a tombola.  We will have a box for contributions in the back of the church from the beginning of November.

If you have a Nativity set that we could borrow for the weekend please could you contact Barbara - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01462-421647.  It doesn’t need to be a stunning hand carved set (although that would be lovely as well) it could be an ancient family one that has been added to over the years or a brand new one bought because it appealed to you.  It could be home made by the children or hand crafted by an expert.  All are welcome and all have a “story” to tell.

If you are able to help man the Festival please keep your eyes open for sign-up sheets at the back of the church or contact Barbara.

                                                                                    Barbara Thomas

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IN MEMORIAM SUE SYKES (February 1938 to June 2021)


SUE SYKES    (February 1938 to June 2021)

Sue Sykes (nèe Allen) was a long-time member of the St. Ippolyts church congregation and she also sang in the choir.  A memorial service will be held for her in St. Ippolyts Church at 2.30pm. on Friday 22nd October.  

Sue was born in New Zealand and brought up in the farming community of Morrinsville.  She came to England in 1959, when she married, and to Hertfordshire (initially Langley and then St. Ippolyts) in 1962.  She remained in 

St. Ippolyts until 2018 when she moved to a care home in Cambridge, nearer two of her daughters.

Sue’s father was a farmer and an MP.  He was also Lieutenant-Colonel in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force and was killed in action in Libya in 1942.  Sue and her older brothers, John and Michael, were largely brought up by their mother;  her childhood involved horses and seems to have been a mixture of wild and idyllic.  Sue boarded for her secondary education at Nga Tawa (the Wellington Diocesan School for Girls), where she made many lifelong friends.

In 1957, Sue sailed to Europe with her mother and visited her brother Michael at Pembroke College, Cambridge.  She met her future husband, Richard, at the college’s May Ball.  Sue returned to New Zealand and, once qualified as a barrister, Richard came to NZ to propose.  They were married six weeks later.

Sue and Richard had four children and their household was always a busy and welcoming one, full of pets, ponies, friends, relatives and itinerant Kiwis.  Sue was very energetic and had lots of friends and a busy social life.  She played and organised tennis, was involved in the pony club and shared many other activities with her dear friend, Anne Scott (In Memoriam Pax July/August 2021).  The family also spent happy summers in their house in France, visited by many local and Kiwi friends.

Once her children were grown up, Sue travelled more frequently to New Zealand to visit family, friends and her dairy farm.  She and Richard took up golf and also spent time in London, enjoying the Lincoln’s Inn social life.  They both adored their grandchildren, the first born in 1997. 

Richard and their son died in 2007, but Sue carried on bravely maintaining her social life, travelling and making new friends, despite being diagnosed with dementia and eventually needing full-time care.  She remained sociable and cheerful to the end. 

                                                            A Tribute from The Sykes Family

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We have continued to illuminate the church each night which has been made possible thanks to the sponsorship of many people.  With all the Covid regulations of the past months access to the church has been difficult.  We still have 19 weeks for which we have had no sponsorship including 8 weeks still to come.  We hope that we can fill these weeks.  It costs just £15 per week.  The sign-up board is now in church but if you are unable to 

get to church you can call Roger Cox Tel: 01462-432445 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

         Roger Cox 


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The Bible Study Group will meet face-to-face on Wednesdays 13th and 27th October and we will be continuing our study of The Acts of the Apostles.  Our meetings will take place at Oakhurst (behind Kingshott School) home of Margaret Edmonds, starting at 2.30pm.  Refreshments are served after the meetings.

We would be very pleased to welcome new members to our small friendly group.  For further information please contact Margaret Edmonds (01462-452340) or Clare Larsen 


      Clare Larsen

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Link to Hope will this year have been doing their wonderful work for 30 years.  They tell us that despite having their fund-raising events and shops shut down for most of the year, they have still managed to move their HQ whilst at the same time sending out over 20,750 shoeboxes to Eastern Europe last Christmas.

They go on to say:

‘We were really blessed when we received all of the shoeboxes to send out at Christmas.  Considering we all spent most of last year shut down we were delighted.  Even more delighted were the people who received them.  People who already live hard lives are living in even harsher conditions as work dries up and costs increase.  So, your shoeboxes, which are usually a source of great excitement, became more than that as toiletries, stationery items, woollen hats, razors and other items came out of them this year.  They became extra special gifts that not only showed love, but were also a practical help in people’s lives.’

That is why we shall be supporting Link to Hope by filling shoeboxes with items for families or elderly folk in Eastern Europe in time for this Christmas.  As last year, the charity is again offering four different ways to support them:

1.  By filling a shoebox in the usual way and returning it to them.

2.  By giving a donation of around £20 they can fill a shoebox for you, put in a

     card (if you would like one), wrap the box and send you a photograph of the

     finished box.

3.  By donating money directly to the appeal.

4.  By donating items in bulk (i.e. more than one or two) from the list on their

     leaflet for them to use in shoeboxes.

If you would like to support the appeal, could you please download and print a leaflet from the Link to Hope website (if you are able) and then choose one of the options above.  Remember, each filled shoebox must be accompanied by its own completed leaflet.  Should you not be able to download a leaflet, we have some available (or we could email one to you if you prefer).  We also have our usual supply of empty shoeboxes so, if you need leaflets or shoeboxes, let us know and we will get some to you.

All filled boxes have to be returned to the charity before Friday 5th November.  Christine and I will be filling some boxes ourselves and will be taking them to the area organiser around Monday 1st November.  If you decide to fill a box and would like us to take it for you, please could you get it to us (or let us know) well before that date.  Thank you.  (Our telephone number is 01462-459145.  Please contact us if you need any further help or information).

Your response in previous years has always been amazing.  Please support us in these difficult times if you possibly can.  It really does make a huge difference.

                                                                                            Arthur Sibun


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