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Our delayed Annual Parishioners Meeting and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting of the Parish of St. Ippolyts were held on Zoom on Wednesday 16th September.


Our PCC for the coming year will be made

up of the following people:

The Reverend Ginni Dear - Vicar

Jane Veasey - Churchwarden

Michael Hooper - Churchwarden and Treasurer

Roger Cox - Secretary

Shelagh Cox

Howell Davies - Reader

Clare Reid

Jenny Sheach - Safeguarding Officer

Anne Steel

Frances Williams

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Hitchin Priory Rotary Club will be planting 3000 purple crocus corms in the grounds of St. Ippolyts Church

on Saturday 24th October at 10:00am.  Money raised from the purchase of these crocuses will be used to protect children and help rid the world of polio.  Please help us to support this important project by donating through Hitchin Priory Rotary Club website at

          Michael Hooper

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Harvest Festival St Ippolyts

We will be celebrating our Harvest Festival on Sunday 11th October.  If anyone would like to donate some dry goods please leave your donation in a box in the church porch on Friday 9th October.  The porch will be open from 9.30am. - 4.30pm.  Alternatively bring your box to the service on Sunday 11th October.  All donations will be taken to the Homeless Shelter in Hitchin.  Thank you very much.


Jane Veasey and Frances Williams

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 As you will have seen in last month’s PAX, we are once again supporting the Link to Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal. In these times, this is a project that has become even more vital than it was before. To quote from a recent communication I received from Link to Hope: ‘These are very challenging times we are all going through at the moment. No-one could have predicted what was going to happen. In order to keep ourselves sane, as a charity we have chosen to focus on those families who, after a terrible year, will be even more pleased and grateful to receive a shoebox. Presently in Eastern Europe they are going through some very tough times. Imagine how we would feel in this same situation without heat, wood, food or medicine to ease the burden.’ This year Link to Hope have come up with four different ways that we can help: 1. Fill a shoebox in the usual way. 2. They will fill a shoebox on your behalf. 3. Donate money directly to their appeal. 4. Donate items for shoeboxes in bulk. If you can possibly help in any of the above ways, that would be fantastic. For full details of how to do this see last month’s PAX (or ring Christine and Arthur Sibun on 01462-459145 for more information). And remember, if you would like us to return your completed shoebox along with ours, can you please ensure that it will be with Christine and Arthur well before Monday 2nd November? (Or just give us a ring before that date and we will pick it up from you).

Thank you in anticipation. Arthur Sibun

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As many of you know, in previous years we have supported Link to Hope by filling shoeboxes with items for families or elderly folk in Eastern Europe.  Despite the extreme necessity for such a scheme, I had been wondering if it would happen at all this year in view of these strange times in which we find ourselves.  However, I have now been contacted by both the charity themselves and the area organiser to assure me that

the appeal will be happening once again this year.

To make life a little easier in the current circumstances, the charity have made some changes and are now offering four different ways to support them:

  1. Fill a shoebox in the usual way and return it to them.
  2. For a donation of around £20 they can fill a shoebox for you, put in a card (if you would like one),

wrap the box and send you a photograph of the finished box.

  1. Donate money directly to the appeal.
  2. Donate items in bulk (i.e. more than one or two) from the list on their leaflet for them to use in shoeboxes.

Obviously, with the situation as it is, we are not able to leave boxes, leaflets and goodies out in church for you to collect and use as we have done in previous years.  So, if you would like to support the appeal, could you please download and print a leaflet from the Link to Hope website (if you are able) and then choose one of the options above.  Should you not be able to download a leaflet we will have a few hard copies available (or we could email one to you if you prefer).  We also have our usual supply of empty shoeboxes available so, if you are really stuck, let us know and we will get one to you.

All filled boxes have to be returned before Friday 6th November.  Christine and I will be filling a number of boxes ourselves as usual and will be aiming to take them to the area organiser at the beginning of that week.  (i.e. around Monday 2ndNovember).  If you decide to fill a box and would like us to take it for you, please could you get it to us or let us know well before that date.  Thank you.  (Our telephone number is 01462-459145.  Please contact us if you need any further help or information).

Your response in previous years has always been amazing.  Please support us once again in these difficult times if you possibly can.  It really does make a huge difference.

Arthur Sibun

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