Our midweek Holy Communion service at St. Ippolyts has seen a significant change in attendance over the last few months for various reasons and is unsustainable in its present format. Rather than cancel it altogether, we have decided to make some changes.  It will now be called Wednesday Worship as it will be either a Holy Communion service or a service of Morning Prayer depending on those attending and whether there is a priest available to celebrate Holy Communion.  The time will also change from 11.00am. as it is at the present, to a new time of 10.00am.

There will be no service during the winter months, from 1stNovember until 1stMarch.  The changes will come into effect from 1stNovember 2018.

In the meantime, the service will remain at 11.00am. but please do check your weekly pew sheet before attending, as the service will be cancelled if the regular attendees are unable to come.  There will be NO services on 29thAugust and

5thand 12thSeptember due to holidays.