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Visitors to the Horse Blessing Service

We had an e mail this week from Robert Halliday of Bury St Edmunds who had visited this years horse blessing service. He kindly sent some more photos which can be accessed via the following links   IMG_0667.JPG  IMG_0668.JPG  IMG_0669.JPG  IMG_0682.JPG  IMG_0686.JPG  IMG_0690.JPG  IMG_0691.JPG  IMG_0692.JPG  IMG_0693.JPG  IMG_0694.JPG  IMG_0695.JPG  IMG_0696.JPG  IMG_0697.JPG  IMG_0698.JPG  IMG_0699.JPG  IMG_0700.JPG  IMG_0701.JPG  IMG_0702.JPG  IMG_0703.JPG  IMG_0704.JPG  IMG_0705.JPG  IMG_0706.JPG  IMG_0707.JPG  IMG_0708.JPG  IMG_0709.JPG  IMG_0710.JPG  IMG_0711.JPG

Robert wrote -

"It was good to be able to come to the horse blessing service this month.  I had enjoyed previous services, and I think this year had the biggest turn-out of horses (and riders) and congregation yet.  Congtarulations to the Rev. Ginni for taking this on so soon into her ministry, and many congratulations for overcoming her nervousness with horses to perform the blessing.  It was brilliant that she was able to take the task in hand and approach the horses, despite her nerves.  The Rev. Ginni 'came through like a trooper' (to use a hackneyed expression) and certainly performed the blessing as if she had been doing it all her life.  I was impressed and I am sure that everybody else was impressed too.  It was a very good start to her ministry which I am sure will be a big success."

Robert had visited previous horse blessing services conducted by Revd Ann and he managed to make videos of the proceedings. These can be seen on :-



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