Thank you to everyone who purchased a church quiz sheet this autumn. This years quiz was all about TV programmes from any decade since the 1950s. Clearly this years quiz was too easy as there were 11 correct entries returned!

I put all the entries with the correct answers into a bucket and Mary, my wife,  picked out the two winners.

First prize goes to Jane Veasey, yes this was genuine and not a fix!!

Second prize goes to Malcolm Todd.

Congratulations to both our winners.

Look out for another quiz next year.

I would like to thank St Ippolyts Village Stores who sold the quiz sheets in the shop.


For all those who were unable to complete the quiz the answers are as follows_

1 Did he ride around the Old Park? (7) Poldark
2 Did Harry Potter enjoy this at the funfair? (5,10) The Magic Roundabout
3 Wimbledon’s 2016 beer is down the road! (6,6) Stella Street
4 Set fire to the tree. (9) Torchwood
5 Not quite three chaps needed to make us laugh.  (3,3,1,4,3) Two and a half men
6 You do not keep these as close as some that you do not like! (7) Friends
7 Mutant magpie sitting and making satire (8,5) Spitting Image
8 A medical question?  (6,3) Doctor Who
9 Crooked them elbows underground. (3,7) The Wombles
10 A jangled token for a POW. (5) Tenko
11 He is watching you! (3,7) Big Brother
12 10,9,8,7….3,2,1. (9) Countdown
13 Those next door are down under. (10) Neighbours
14 The Irishman delivers the letters. (7,3) Postman Pat
15 Someone gets set alight at the end of each week? (3,10) The Apprentice
16 The bookshop battle. (6,3) Foyle’s War
17 Morse’s Christian name. (9) Endeavour
18 Did this detective come from Sri Lanka? (7) Columbo
19 A couple of herbs. (8,3,5) Rosemary and Thyme
20 Jade Jones, Nicola Adams, Laura Trott. (3,6,5) The Golden Girls
21 Cliff Richard’s song made us laugh. (3,5,4) The Young Ones
22 US Flying team to the rescue, (12) Thunderbirds
23 Just the asses and the nags? (4,5,3,6) Only fools and horses
24 Marriage vows? Not so likely these days! (4,5,2,2,4) Till death do us part
25 The beginning of a regular evening National arts programme. (5) Arena
26 6 and 2 constantly battled it out for 13 weeks in Portmeirion. (3,8) The Prisoner
27 A burning hat would not make much in this programme. (7,4) Bargain Hunt
28 A bouncer for Arthur? (6) Minder
29 Would he have made barmen laugh? (2,4) Mr Bean
30 Victim of an accident? (8) Casualty
31 88 for some people. (3,3,6) Two fat ladies
32 “Hi’ Mum, effluent changed the children’s entertainer. (6,3,4) Muffin the Mule
33 7 colours for children. (7) Rainbow
34 Sad disciple. (4,5) Blue Peter
35 I’ve something to tell you. (4,1,3,4,3,3) Have I got news for you
36 Where did Frankie go to in Italy? (2,7) Up Pompeii.
37 A rasp in the Cotswolds! (11) Countryfile
38 A Communist pygmy! (3,5) Red Dwarf
39 Sue, Mat and Phil’s regular contest? (1,8,2,5) A Question of Sport
40 From bedrooms to basements. (8,10) Upstairs, Downstairs
41 All wander about in Sweden. (9) Wallander
42 These two gentlemen had an intrusive friend. (4,3,3) Bill and Ben
43 Final frolic in Nova Scotia. (4,5,2,7) Last Tango in Halifax
44 Goes with Bangers. (4) MASH
45 The remains before the Beaujolais Nouveaux? (4,2,3,6,4) Last of the summer wine
46 Monitored in Hospital. (9) Heartbeat
47 Four points and thing crash to analyse what is going on. (9) Newsnight
48 The inner inner. (8) Bullseye
49 Not a very big town for a very big guy. (10) Smallville
50 Affirmative, Jeremy Hunt. (3,8) Yes, Minister
51 Something for royal families to play. 4,2,7) Game of Thrones
52 Pica pica (6) Magpie
53 One earns changed lady star. (8) Roseanne
54 An Oscar winner’s hike to the podium. (4,4) Star Trek
55 Daytime residence for the commuter. (3,6) The Office
56 Insiders breakfast. (8) Porridge
57 Joe and his brothers had a windfall. (7) Bonanza
58 A question from the lady in Grace Bros? (3,3,5,6) Are you being served
59 Drinking and smoking in Florida. (5,4) Miami Vice
60 A couple confused ‘shortie’ Newton. (3,3,7) The Two Ronnies
61 A vehicle that ‘ranks’ with buses but with less passengers! (4) Taxi
62 American plains small homestead. (6,5,2,3,7) Little House on the prairie
63 I troop to find a one-time Nile cruiser. (6) Poirot
64 A Spanish resort. (8) Benidorm
65 This French town was in the Channel Islands. (8) Bergerac
66 Start the day with a full belly. (3,3,9) The Big breakfast
67 An Abacus made of Ebony. (10) Blackadder
68 You do this when you stop pedaling. (5) Coast
69 A firework for the 1960s children. (11) Crackerjack
70 Reptilian Footwear. (9,5) Crocodile Shoes
71 This copper said goodnight once a week under a lamp. (5,2,4,5) Dixon of Dock Green
72 Absolutely meaningless. (9) Pointless
73 You don’t do this to a dead horse! (4,2) Flog it
74 Humpty Dumpty’s boffins! (8) Eggheads
75 Dimmest ran away from this programme. (10) Mastermind