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News from great Wymondley

ST. MARY’S GREAT WYMONDLEY March like winds are coming early in the middle of February and the snowdrops seem late with daffodils almost catching them up. Spring is on its way. MARMALADE A great many jars of marmalade have been made over the last few weeks and there are just two batches of fruit left to prepare and cook. Plain marmalade, Three Fruit, Ruby and Ginger are all done. I can make Lemon & Lime later as they do not need the short season Seville Oranges. CHURCHYARD CLEARING St. Mary’s Church has recently had a tree survey carried out on the trees in the churchyard. We were advised as some of the actions to cut back and grub out brambles and ring bark the ivy growing on many of the trees. On Saturday morning, the day after Storm Eunice swept in, a group of about fifteen volunteers gathered to tackle various jobs. The ivy which had very thick stems was cut low down to inhibit further growth. Dead wood was cut and pulled out from hedges and trees and the wood that had blown down in the storm picked up. The grubbing out of brambles will have to wait until the snowdrops have finished but we were able to cut some of the tangled stems out. There will be more work to do in the next few months, though any major tree maintenance will have to wait until later in the year because of nesting birds. We luckily finished for the morning just as the rain started. Very many thanks to all the kind volunteers who gave up their morning.
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