Our Harvest Festival will be celebrated on Sunday 7th October. Friends are invited to bring some fresh produce and greenery to the Church on Friday 5th October from 4.30pm. These will be added to the school children’s gifts. There is a wedding on Saturday 6th October and flowers have been organised but small arrangements for the porch and high windows sills would also be welcome on Friday afternoon. We will need plenty of help packing up the Harvest gifts from 9.45am. on Monday 8th October. Please come if you are free and bring small boxes so that the gifts can be packed and taken to the Homeless Shelter in Grove Road, the Food Bank in Letchworth and any needy people in the parish. Diary Date: Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 22nd January 2019 at 10.30am. for 11.00am. at Thistley House, Gosmore, home of Anne Steel.