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Church Services during lockdown - January 2021

Within the Benefice whilst we are in lockdown there will only be one service in church each week 

This service will be at St Ippolyts Church at 09:15 on Sunday and this service will also be live streamed on facebook. (St ippolyts Church with Great and Little Wymondley). Unfortunately St Marys Great Wymondley is unable to hold services either within church or within the village hall. St Marys Little Wymondley is just too cold this time of year.

Church heating has been set to automatically come on 3 hours before the service so the church should be reasonably warm. Various pews within St Ippolyts Church have been cordoned off so as to maintain social distancing within the congregation. Hand sanitisation facilties are available and everyone is encouraged to leave church immediately after the service and not to remain and chat which has always been the norm. 

The service will have organ music provided by John Edwards. Howell Davies will be supporting Ginni for each service. Paul Lanham will be  attending at various times.

St Ippolyts Church remains closed at all other times, so there is no need to carry out in depth cleaning before each service, coronavirus does not live longer than 72hours away from its host. No one is permitted to enter church without first consulting and receiving approval from Revd Ginni. If anyone should need to enter church then the church will be cleaned / disinfected as necessary by the one entering.

Remember that Revd Ginni will continue with morning and evening prayer in accordance with the schedule detailed elsewhere on this web site.

Stay safe and please conform the the Government guidelines.

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